Hope for revival at NICO’s cultural extravaganza


The National Institute for Cultural Orientation took a major step on Thursday to connect many pupils to the best of the country’s heritage. It was at the 2018 edition of the NICO Cultural Extravaganza held at the National Arts Theatre in Iganmu, .

Many stakeholders are worried that most youths treat matters concerning cultural values with scorn and would rather leap at anything western. But the enthusiasm and potential displayed by the kids drawn from many schools gave the audience .

As the youngsters engaged in cultural dances, fashion parade, et cetera, it dawned on all and sundry that they were ready to learn and grow in culture if adequately inspired and motivated.

This is the reason the stakeholders that joined NICO at the event generally commended its management and expressed the hope that there would be more of that.

In her welcome remarks, the Acting Executive Secretary, NICO, Mr. Louis Eriomola, noted that the extravaganza was an offshoot of the institute’s cultural club programme in secondary schools designed to inculcate in Nigerian children cherished cultural values of honesty, hard work, tolerance, patriotism, respect for elders and constituted authority, as well as sanctity for human life.

According to him, it is also designed to make them shun examination malpractice, cultism and indecent dressing. He added that the project, the 2018 edition of which was themed Culture: A Strategic Tool for Peace, Unity and National Integration, was also a platform to stimulate their interest and pride in the Nigerian cuisine, languages, dresses, etc.