5 Artists who should drop an Album this Year. 

In an era where we have been plagued with noisy balderdash accompanied with one-sided meaningful nonsense, I dare say it won’t hurt for consumers of GOOD music to be treated well this year with what can only better uplift the spirit of many and cause others to have a rethink about the kind of music they imbibe into their system.

Without further Ado, let’s dive right into the 5 artistes who should drop an album this year.

The list is in no particular order.


Taking into consideration the breadth of rap music in 2017, M.I did the one thing any intellectual rapper would drop a track that would irk the soul of the few who still believes they are indeed rappers. Despite his last major work being in 2016, M.I has not for a second forgotten what real music should be about and feel like, well we all can testify with YOU RAPPERS SHOULD FIX YOUR LIFE. This is one artiste never afraid to intellectually spit bars on stimulating and daring topics. He has an ear for beats that oozes greatness and uses this ear to create music for both sane and insane mind. M.I has been blasted for daring to make rap a commercial genre, but if we really think about it, isn’t this just about what everyone needs; brilliant lyrics laced with groovy beats? Honestly, M.I has avoided us long enough, it’s about time for some good music sir!

Adekunle Gold

This gem of an artiste wowed millions with his debut album GOLD and even as he did not really garner a new audience to his teeming fanbase due to his decision to not tweak his music in a way that would drag non-believers to his realm, he did a marvelous job. Adekunle Gold has continued to effortless soothe our souls with his incomparable and with the array of flamboyant trash being peddled in the music industry today, it’s about time for just another dose of medicine from this fine ass artiste.

Kiss Daniel

Phew! He finally exited a label that reportedly forbade him from collaborating with other acts except for the redundant ones on the label, if anyone claims to be overjoyed about this move, I TOPE DELANO top this class. A human filled with blinding illuminating talent, an ear for what both sane and insane mind needs and just the most somewhat husky yet mesmerizing vocals to communicate these attributes, Kiss Daniel most def’ tops the list of the few we are expecting an album from in 2018.


Let me start this way…..I am not a fan of the last album LAFIAJI am not, the reason he needs to bring back the Vector we all got to know years back and fell in love with. This is an act that has a hold on the art of painting beautiful pictures with poignant statements. This cerebral rapper has an untold ability in abstract lyricism made even more beautiful by his penchant for the use of metaphors and puns when spitting. Madness they say is the pleasure of the unseen, Vector’s music is the unseen for many of us.


Need I say more about this act. From DAMIDURO to FIA, Davido has done an amazing job staying in all our consciousness with mind-blowing singles that have found their ways across the shores of the nation. Despite having put all our hearts on hold with his yet to be released second album, this artiste still churns out music to the delight of millions. Dear Davido, it won’t do you any harm to release that album this year.Here is our 5 artistes who we wish would drop an album this year.

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