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5 Important Lessons To Learn From Puzzle Pieces

Both living and non-living things churn life into a meaningful picture.

Have you ever tried to make meaning out of puzzle pieces? If you have, then you may have experienced how adrenaline courses through your veins, bringing you exhilaration, frustration and fulfillment at different times of assembling the pieces.

I spent one boring Sunday afternoon assembling pieces of different shapes and sizes. Starting, it felt like finding X in a mathematical equation. You know it is out there, but where exactly it is and what it looks like, you don’t. I was giddy and proud of myself when I finally beheld the beauty before me. It was worth it!

You may have heard in person or passing that life is a big picture and we are puzzle pieces that make it meaningful. That statement is true. I am a puzzle piece; I contribute to unraveling this mystery we call life. So do you.

Puzzle pieces have great lessons you and I can learn from:

You Matter

“I matter”. Tell yourself that. Do not allow anyone tell you otherwise. Be proud in whatever gathering you find yourself. You are an important puzzle piece the group needs. Irrespective of how your skill may appear, your organization requires your service.

You Are Not An Island

Even islands are not autonomous.  This is because the water bodies surrounding them helped define their existence. No one puzzle piece makes the picture clear. Do not alienate yourself with the ‘I am an introvert’ excuse. You can be an introvert and be an integral part of a group. Accept the help of others and render yours when it is needed.

You Are Not A Master Key

It is termed ‘ashawo’ key because the master key locks and unlocks any lock. You are not an ‘ashawo’ key. You do not, cannot, belong everywhere. Not every group is conducive for you. Do not waste time pushing yourself where you will not fit. I have nothing against them, but I cannot thrive in a group of outgoing people. I have been in Winneba for over three months yet I can count the number of times I have been out of my room, excluding the times I went to church and work. So if most of my friends are outgoing, we will find it difficult to relate when it comes to attending events.

My elder brother once told me, the reason why he prefers being a loner on most projects, is because if there happens to be another person with as much leadership traits, there are clashes, arguments and ego-ego interactions. Know thyself. Do not try to fit in because your friend or crush belongs. You might end up losing them.

Do Not Settle

Do you know you are special? I know I am. Do you know that no matter how much of a screw up you are, you deserve some form of respect? In relationships and marriages, some individuals goof by taking whatever spouse comes to them, due some circumstances.

While I tried to complete my puzzle as I told mentioned earlier, I was livid, desperate even, at some point because the pieces would just not fit. So I settled; I decided to fit in puzzle pieces that had a likeness to the spaces available. Guess what, I messed it all up. The force I applied in fitting wrong pieces to the right spaces dismantled the arrangement, compelling me to start all over.

Same happens to anyone who decides to settle for what they do not deserve. You are treated like yesterday’s bread, unappreciated. You are a great asset. Someone- spouse, employer- who will appreciate your time, efforts and resources will come your way. Do not give up, now that they are negotiating that last curve to reach you. Do not settle.

You Are Nothing

Why the contradiction? Let us just say some people are of the view that their suggestions, trash or sensible, are law. They believe, like the mythical Ananse, they are the preserve of all knowledge and power. If you assume your words, suggestions and decisions should be treated as the final nails in a coffin, read this: You are nothing. You are not the best thing in life and you will never be. You being proud and cocky reveals how pathetic and insecure you are. You are just a piece in the puzzle; you, at best, contribute to forming the whole picture. You are not the whole picture. Respect yourself and get in line. Recognize the role others play and appreciate it. Do not brush their efforts away like non-existent speck of dust on a well laid bed.

I leave you with this quote by Deepak Chopra: There are no extra pieces in the universe. Everyone is here because he or she has a place to fill, and every piece must fit itself into the big jigsaw puzzle.

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Ovulation calculator for baby boy: how it works

If you dream to conceive a boy on the certain day of ovulation, you need to learn how to determine this period effectively. 

At the moment of the ovulation, the egg leaves the ovary, after that it can be fertilized during one day. To determine the perfect time for pregnancy you must subtract the luteal phase from the period of the menstrual cycle – usually, it means a half of a cycle.

Ovulation calculator

If the couple has decided to have a baby, there is often a question about the perfect days to conceive a baby, especially if you dream to have a baby boy. Finding out the perfect day for the birth of a baby is not so difficult, especially in the modern age of the Internet, new technologies and advanced developments. Ovulation calculator for baby boy already exists and we’ll give you the full information.

You do not need to carry out difficult calculations to determine the correct ovulation period for baby boy using the difficult temperature measurements. It will be enough to use ovulation calculation for baby boy. It can be found on the web on the numerous specialized sites.

What is ovulation and how to determine it?

What is ovulation

The common lady’s menstrual cycle lasts 28 days. It means that the calculation of your ovulation in order to conceive a boy will convince you that conception can happen within 14 days.

As soon as the female body is close to the time of ovulation, there is a huge production of a well-known hormone which is called estrogen. And when the estrogen level reaches the level of ovulation, there is a considerable amount of release of luteinizing hormone. The perfect time for a woman to conceive a baby boy is only two days after the release of this special hormone.

Ovulation calculator

It is currently possible to find out everything with the help of specialized home tests demonstrating the level of concentration of LH – you can easily buy them at any pharmacy. It is better to start doing your tests twice a day in the middle of the cycle.

A lot of women can easily determine their ovulation by the body signals – it makes a feeling of pain and discomfort in the lungs that day. For others it is an unfamiliar sense – in this case, ovulation calculator will help you to conceive a little boy. In the case of any problems with the cycle regularity, determining the special day for conception will not be easy for you, so it is really recommended to consult your gynecologist, who can easily advise you on this issue.

How to conceive a boy, if you know the day of ovulation?

Ovulation calculation for a boy is a process that is considered the most reliable and efficient, despite its labor intensity. A present method takes into account such the fact that the sperm must be more rapid to conceive a boy than the sperm to conceive a girl, though, and it has a much shorter duration of life. Considering all of the above, the conception should take place on the day of ovulation, or about twelve hours before its occurrence.

If you are interested in how to conceive a boy during your ovulation, and what else can be necessary for the application of this special method, the only thing you have to find out is the time when the ovulation occurs. Gender of a child can be determined by the specialized program which is called Ovulation Calculator.

This is the easiest method to determine a favorable time to pregnancy. The calculator will help you determine the most likely day of ovulation. The accuracy of the calculation program is approximate – women’s menstrual cycle may shift due to infections, journeys, and even simple stress!

If you want to determine when ovulation occurs more accurately, it is also possible to make calculations analyzing the changes in the women’s basal body temperature. This type of temperature should be measured in the rectum daily in the morning, recording the dynamics. Period, when the temperature is the lowest, is the day of ovulation.

On the basis of data for a few months, let you create a table of ovulation to conceive a boy. Such a long period of observation of the temperature of your body will help you to identify the certain day of ovulation, and therefore it will become easier to conceive a boy.

Ovulation calculator for a boy: tips and tricks

cute boy

If you want to conceive a boy quickly and easily, use the following guidelines and tips:

  1. It is not enough to simply calculate ovulation to conceive a boy; you need to have sex in the correct position. In this question the penetration depth is very important – that is, the deeper it is, the more likely you will conceive a boy. In this case, you are advised to take into account such postures as rider position and ‘the man behind’.
  2. You should not hurry during the sexual intercourse. A woman should have an orgasm during sex to increase the likelihood of conception. The chances are increased by changing the acidity of the vaginal environment; the increasing pH significantly prolongs the viability of sperm.
  3. After sexual intercourse, you should refrain from the shower for a while, and in general, bathroom procedures should be excluded.
  4. A few weeks before the conception you should better increase the amount of different food that contains protein in your diet. You can eat meat, eggs, fish and beans. In addition, it is better to reduce the consumption of all foods that are recommended for the conception of the girl – these are all dairy products and also foods that contain a high amount of fiber. It’s just people’s rumors and observations, not a proved fact, however, in such a complex case any little thing can help.

happy kid

If you want to conceive a boy you can download a special app to your smartphone and learn all the details of conceiving a boy or a girl. Use all the above guidelines and perhaps after nine months you will give birth to the baby boy!

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10 Things Broke Guys Normally Use To Entertain Female Visitors

I​ think I’m in the best position to come up with this kind of write-up. This is because I belong we know how to manoeuvre our way out when broke

NOTE: That a guy offers any of the aforementioned items does not necessarily mean it’s a yardstick for being broke, but most often than not, it’s one of those things we are talking about cheesy. This write-up contains exaggerations to a large extent cool
*Clear throat*

I shall discuss things broke guys normally use to entertain female visitors cheesy
10 Things Broke Guys Use To Entertain Female Visitor.

1. Gala and Soft drink 

Undoubtedly, gala and soft drink are what a proportion of broke guys normally use to entertain their female visitors

2. Egg-roll and Pure Water. 

Some of them will take their female visitor to an eatery and will go to the counter themselves and order for her, without even asking her what she would like to take or not. These kinds of dudes are most likely to order snacks such as egg-roll, meat pie, and soft drinks

3. Concotion Rice 

This reminds me of a time a lady visited me in school. Make I no lie, na N50 remain for my hand that day after buying a bottle of kerosene used to cook concotion rice. I inquired what I should offer her and said she had no appetite. I smiled to God for answering my prayers. After about three hours, she said I should get her shawama and I began to sweat profusely. I couldn’t but serve her my concotion rice

4. Viju Milk and Cabin Biscuit 

As funny as it sounds, some use it
5. Garri 

 funny as it sounds, I’m guilty of this. I have once offered garri to my female visitor. Make una no blame me ooooo, na my pocket empty that day ooooo cool

6. Malt 

Some will give her only malt without adding anything to it. They already assume she will not eat even if they offer her food, so dem no go kuku ask
7. Indomie and Egg 

Ronald4lif can bear me witness that he used to do this before his life changed for good

8. They offer Nothing 

For the broke ones who are very smart, will resort to entertain her by acting like clowns. However, they will start acting like Papa Ajasco so that the lady will laugh till she leaves
9. They Borrow Generator 

For those who have generation, they will borrow money to buy petrol, and for those who don’t have, they will borrow their friend’s generator. They will entertain her with movies 
10 Ladies, feel free to add the last one cool

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Signs She Enjoys Having S£x With You

Whether you have been together for years or you just started dating, it is important for you to know if you are both satisfied with your $ex lives.

You do not want to be so focused on your own
pleasure and disregard hers. So, are you really
that good in bed or is she hoping you get done
quickly so she can go to sleep?
Let’s find out by taking a look at the top 8
signs that proves she is having fun below.

1. She’s Wet: This is a no-brainer when it
comes to $exual pleasure. Just like a man gets
obviously aroused when he is ready, a
woman’s main arousal sign is that she is wet
down there. If she does not seem “ready”
prolong the pre-intimacy as much as you can and
make sure you are hitting the right spots. She
will thank you for it.

2. Quickening Breath : Another sign of arousal is
that her breath gets quicker and more urgent,
the more excited she gets. Watch for intense
gaze and steadily quickening breath, then you
know you’ve got her.

3. She Tightens Around You : If she seems to be
getting tighter around you as you go on, this is
a sign that she is enjoying what you are doing.
A woman having fun gets tighter and wetter as
she feels more pleasured.

4. Holds You (or something else) Tighter : Does
her grip on you seem to be getting tighter?
Does she seem to be grabbing the sheets or the
headboard like her life depends on it? A
woman in the throes of extreme pa$$ion
would have an intense urge to hold on tight.

5. Toes Curl: If you are keeping a closer eye on
your partner’s reactions, you would notice
that her toes curl in the moment of pleasure.

6. She Communicates : A partner who tells you
what she likes during $ex (verbally or via
body language) is definitely having a good
time and wants more. She would not waste her
time telling you what she wants if you were
not doing a pretty good job in the first place.

7. She Climaxes : The signs above could also tell
you that she is close to orgasm and if you feel
her reach that final release, then that is your
main proof. It is almost impossible for a
woman to climax without having reached the
ultimate peak of pleasure and desire.

8. Initiates $ex: One way a woman gets turned
on for $ex is when she remembers how great
it was the last time. It is this memory that
would lead her to approach you and request
for more good times. If she is always calling
you for more, or reaching for you even when
you are both watching TV, then she obviously
cannot get enough.

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10 Things Most Girls Do When Going To Meet Their Boyfriends

1. They wear a clean bra and panties (even those who hardly change bras) just for unforeseen events.
2. They tell their parents they are going to see ‘Chioma’.
3. They come much later than schedule (just to send a signal that they aren’t desperate, even though they actually are).

4. Naïve and first timers put on some weird undies at least to restrict or perhaps delay access to their….

5. At times their phones go dead (either intentionally or energy cut). This makes the guy feel hopeless.

6. If they actually don’t want s*x, they offer to prepare an endless meal or do house chores.
7. They put their phones on silent knowing fully well that their other boyfriends would dial. For those who don’t, they harass these poor dudes over the fone.
8. Sometimes, they show up unannounced to assess the guy’s level of hygiene or to catch a cheat.
9. They counter Sekxual advances by acting moody and try to get busy with a giant novel or seasonal movie.
10. The badoo girls just get down straight to business.

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[A Must Read] 11 Prayers You All Must Say For 2018

Hello African Entertainment Members

Today marks the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018 (Our year of undiluted blessings).

As we step into the New Year, below are the 11 Prayers we want you all to say and hold on to.

Let’s Go!!!

1. PROTECT me and my Love ones from Harm.

2. Give us Good HEALTH.

3. Give us PEACE of mind.

4. FORGIVE us for our Sins.

5. PROVIDE all our needs.

6. Take our TROUBLES away.

7. Shower us with LOVE and HAPPINESS.

8. Bless us with FINANCIAL Miracles.

9. Give us Wisdom to make the RIGHT CHOICES.

10. I pray we find COURAGE to drop our bad habits.

11. Turn our pains into BLESSINGS.

The End!!

You all should continue being Amazing – 2018 will bless us with all the good things of Life from start to finish 🙏

From all of us at African Entertainment, We say “Happy New Year to you and your Family“.

We 💗 you all.

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Top 5 Most Dangerous Places In Lagos (Must See)

This is done not in an attempt to belittle residents of such area rather this article serves as a wake up call to Government agencies saddled with the responsibilities of making Lagos state a better place for all and not for some selected few.

This list below shows “Top 5 dangerous places in Lagos” that needs the full attention of the government.

Places on this list form the core areas that have been classified unsafe due to environmental hazards, health hazards, lack of development, security breaches and criminality.

Sit back see our list and reasons for making the list of top dangerous places in Lagos state.

5. MILE 12/ KETU

Ketu and environs like other parts of Lagos on this list is a peculiar spot for hooligans who function most effectively at nights.

Alaperu district of Ketu is also noted for property scam of all sorts. Killings and kidnappings are common features of this area of Lagos that is not too far from Ikorodu.

The crime situation here got so serious that the government had to build a police station to checkmate the activities of the criminals that have been having a field day in the area.

Two years ago, guns and ammunitions, local charms among other dangerous weapons were discovered when the Lagos State government demolished ‘Ajelogo’ market, a sub section of Mile 12.

At night, snatching of mobile handsets from commuters who sit at the window side of buses/cars, is also a common trend.

The Popular Mile 12 market, where many Lagosians converge to buy, sell and possibly steal is one of the busiest and filthiest market in Lagos.

Its presence in the Ketu/Mile 12 district is one of the reasons why there is usually traffic congestion in the area.

Attacks are carried-out both day and night in Estate bus stop at Alapere.


Mushin, town, Lagos state, southwestern Nigeria is a densely populated suburb of Lagos city, and its inhabitants are mostly Yoruba people.

Continuing expansion from 1950 led to problems of overcrowding, inadequate housing, and poor sanitation.

Mushin is the site of a large industrial estate. Commercial enterprises include spinning and weaving cotton, shoe manufacturing, bicycle and motorized-cycle assembly, and the production of powdered milk.

Agricultural produce is brought for sale in the large central market.

The town is served by secondary schools and has a hospital. Mushin lies on the railway from Lagos and at the intersection of roads from Lagos, Shomolu, and Ikeja.

adjacent to the main road to Ikeja, and is a largely congested residential area with inadequate sanitation and low-quality housing.

Mushin is one of the dangerous areas in Lagos State. It was formerly referred to as ‘Mushin Olosa’ meaning “Mushin the den of thieves”.

Though, Mushin has other fine areas and has also produced bundles of talents and men of integrity, the big ‘M’ city as fondly called has other deadly spots where drugs, marijuana and others are sold freely.

Places like ‘Oduduwa’ Street, among others are somewhat unsafe for strangers most especially at night.


This is another area of Lagos State where street urchins usually establish their dynasties. The black spot is known for selling of hard drugs like cocaine and marijuana.

Petty thieves thrive in this zone while rape, mugging, bank robbery among other social ills have become a mainstay. The area is an haven for miscreants.

Among other deadly spots in Agege include: Akerele near AP filling station, Oke-koto, Kasumun Street, Agbotrikuyo, Pen Cinema, New Oko-Oba and host of others.

Residents of Old Abeokuta Motor Road, Abattoir in Oko-Oba and other areas in Agege, Lagos, have had to cope with the offensive odour from the abattoir located in the area.

Apart from the health hazards and damage to the environment, the abattoir is a stop over for flood any time it rains as most of the drainage around are blocked by refuse discharged from there.

The area is always flooded as the canal from Fagba to the abattoir and another one in Oko-Oba Estate are blocked completely.

The disgusting odour which is a source of worry to the residents in the area is as a result of flushing of blood and other wastes from slaughtered cows into the canal.

On a lighter mood, one good thing you can’t take away from this place is its affiliation with the popular ‘Agege bread’.

Several stories abound about the genesis of this bread. One version has it that the bread began to gain prominence in the early ‘70s. As the story goes, it was first produced in Agege.

From there it eased its way into other parts of the state. Originally known as Ayokuno Bread, when it attained a degree of popularity, it became known as Agege Bread.

The National Youth Service Corps Permanent Orientation Camp is located at Iyana-Ipaja Road,Agege.

Agege boast of very few industries, it is the hub of the Popular Aluminium Village which connects with the popular Abeokuta Express road.


This one has no rival when it comes to the number one spot. Ajegunle is king of them all, in fact other areas ‘dey learn where AJ dey’.

Ajegunle is probably the biggest and most ‘unsafe’ ghetto in Lagos. It is a highly populated district in Lagos that gives credence to the extent of poverty and economic hardship in Nigeria.

Ajegunle juggles an eclectic mix of ethnic groups and religions who manage to co-habit harmoniously despite the harsh living conditions. AJ city as its popularly called is a jungle of some sort; an haven for criminals.

Open engorged sewers, a valley of garbage, frustrated and mean faces are some of the interesting sights to behold when you visit Ajegunle.

A place where the quest for survival is at its highest and where the average young girl is expected to become a mother before her 18th birthday.

Although the town is located on the outskirts of Lagos, near the sea, residents are forced to live with the constant challenge of water scarcity as water surrounding this part of the state is heavily contaminated with sewage and refuse.

This scarcity has led to the boom in the water selling business. You can live in AJ for free but what happens afterwards can’t be guaranteed.

Nonetheless one thing you can’t take away from Aj city is the closely knitted communal bond regardless of their population, little wonder there really hasn’t been any widely reported case of widespread violence asides crimes perpetrated.

In spite of the harsh living conditions, this section of Lagos State is popular for producing some of Nigeria’s greatest musicians and footballers.

Stars like Daddy Showkey and Taribo West have their pasts rooted in Ajegunle. This probably accounts for the sense of pride its inhabitants have for the area.

Boundary bus stop in Ajegunle popularly referred to as the ‘one million boys’ gang territory where criminals attack passengers in vehicles is a no-go area for visitors.

The popular Tolu complex; where 37 schools struggled for space is situated in Ajegunle.


Located close to the Lagoon and sharing boundary with Ogun state, this area has been a hotbed of violence & Killings by a stupid group called “Badoo” in recent times.

From kidnapping to riots to communal clashes, Ikorodu is the Lagos epicentre for cult activities. In June, suspected militants invaded Ilara in Ogijo, a community in the area, causing mayhem.

Those are the top 5 unsafe zones in Lasgidi.

Do you think we miss any place out? Do you live in any of these?

Drop your comments.

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[A Must Read] How To Write A Perfect New Year Resolution That Works 100% Perfectly

Hello Everyone,

Happy New Year to everyone who read my Articles and dropped their comments. I so much Appreciate.

I Pray the Good Lord will grant all our heart desires no matter how little our Income compares to our Wants & Aspirations 🙏

Are you making a resolution for 2018?

If so, I have a word for you all.

Let’s Go!

Warning:- More than half of all resolutions fail, but this year, they don’t have to be yours (I mean yours won’t fail).

The Truth:- The sad truth is that most of us can’t keep our New Year Resolution alive for more than a week after stepping into the New Year.

Here’s how to pen down the right resolution to improve your life and how to achieve them. Hence, becoming part of the small group of people that will successfully achieve all the goals penned down in 2018.

Let’s get started 👇

1. Don’t Call It New Year Resolution

99.9% of the New Year Resolution fails because we call them “New Year Resolution“. It’s advice able to call it “My Plans“.

On the last day of the year, most of us sound and make promises to do away with some Negative things as if we are changing our Brains and to do things the proper way.

Call it “My Plans For 2018”, hold on to it and keep it in your head/close to your heart dearly.

2. Make It Very Short & Only List Tangible Ones

Most of us tend to pen down a long list and promises to act on all. We’ve to be sincere with ourselves, it won’t work.

Pen down a Moderate list, let’s say just 5 things to do. Once you start with this 5 things, I bet many things will change for the better in your life.

For me, I promise never to Procrastinatethis 2018 and am holding on to it. Living a life without Procrastinating will change about you for the better.. From your business to your family and your everyday life.

So, why pen down “I will do my work very well, I will make my family happy, I will read my books and face my study”, Saying No to Procrastination will definitely put an end to the things I mentioned earlier, So pen down “Saying No To Procrastination” instead of that long list.

3. Give Yourself A Timeframe To Execute Each

You sincerely have to be true to yourself. Now you are doing penning down your New Year Resolution, We are already in the New Year, Act Immediately.

You don’t have to wait till it’s February before you start executing your New Year Resolution sorry your Plans.

If you pen it down to take your Business serious in the New Year, start doing it right away and start with the Biggest and boil it down to the simplest.

You promised to take your Business to the next level and you listed the things to do e.g Get a Bigger Office, Buy Internet Routers, Buy New Laptops for your Staffs, Get a New Air Conditions etc.

If you have the money to get a Bigger Office, do that right away. If you don’t, instead of waiting to save up for the new Office, you can just get the Internet Routers, the Laptops, then save up for the Office and when that is completed, you can go ahead to get the Air Conditions.

4. You Must Have An Order Of Preferences When Putting Up Your New Year Resolution List

Get specific with your resolutions by giving yourself actual goals to achieve and not imaginary goals.

Just like I explained in the 3rd point above, you can’t buy Air Condition then save to get a bigger Office. You need to get the Office first, then the AC.

You must pen down your list in a proper arrangement and not some Arrangement like getting an Engine Oil before buying a Car. Ko le werk.

5. You Have To Be Hard On Yourself If You Really Wish To Improve Your Life

We all pen down this same list every year and hardly work with it after few days 😩

Good things don’t come easily. We all love to become a better person but like my Mum used to say “Good Things Come Out Of Mean Action“.

We all love to be the Owner of that Successful Business, the owner of that Latest Car and that Biggest Mansion but the discomfort that comes with Spending money on the things that matters is hard.

We all know the results that comes out of spending some good money on our Businesses but yet, we still won’t want to spend that money. Instead, we pour those hard earned money on Drinks, Cloths, Girls and silly things that won’t help our Business.

Why is this so? – I don’t know, but this year, am going to disgrace the Devil 😋

The END!!

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Who Eats the Head of the Chicken in Your Family?

I remember those trips to the market.  Walking to the section where the chicken sellers converged.  But before we even got there, you could smell them.  And hear them too.  The chickens, I mean … not the sell–

Oh, never mind!

Finally, we would see them jammed together in cages.  They always looked like there were too many of them there in a cage.  But, we would pick the ones we wanted, and depending on the “plan” for that day, the person selling the chicken could slaughter them, remove the feathers and clean them for a fee.  Or we could take them home and you know … do the same thing. Except that we didn’t get paid.  Obviously.

Afterwards, we would season and cook the chicken.  More often than not, it would be made into some kind of stew.  And then, came the moment of truth:

Who ate what part?

For the children, we didn’t get to choose. We got all the weird parts like the chicken wings, etc.  One of my aunties loved eating the head and the hands (or are they legs?)

But, hands down, the person who usuallyate the chicken head was my father.  No controversy.  It just was.  Why? Because he was the head of the family.  End of story.

We did not have to make the same decision if we bought that imported chicken/turkey (the frozen one) because the head was always missing, along with other vital parts that Nigerians consider delicacies.  And I realized that the same thing happens here in the US too. 

You walk into a grocery store and more than likely, the chicken is already wrapped in clear plastic.  No head in sight.  In fact, some kids who grew up here apparently don’t even know what a real chicken looks like or where it comes from.

No, kids!  Chickens are not raised in Wal-Mart!

I guess, if you take that into consideration, then you can understand why seeing a whole tilapia fish would freak out some cashiers.  They’re so used to seeing just parts of the chicken AFTER processing (e.g. chicken breast and wings) and have no idea how a chicken goes from live animal to seasoned, cooked and nestling among vegetables on your plate.

Just as with other aspects of Nigerian culture (depending on what part of the country you’re from), eating certain parts of an animal depends on seniority, family taboos, etc.  It makes me wonder how much of these cultural beliefs and traditions are passed on to the next generation, and which ones are lost in translation, so to speak.  Kind of like that coconut water myth

I haven’t laid eyes on a chicken head in years, but believe me, I have no desire to eat it.  Drumsticks, thighs and breast meat are good enough, thank you!

Your turn: Who ate the chicken’s head in your family? Was there any particular method for deciding who ate what part? Please share.

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Never Let The Child In You Die

When you come into this world, one thing is sure – growth. You will grow old and you will grow up. The former is guaranteed; you cannot control it and it will happen whether you like it or not. The latter you consciously come to. You prepare to grow up and live as a grown up.

Regardless of how any of these two things pan out in your life, I have no doubts that you will be a very beautiful and mature adult. Nevertheless, I have one caution for you. As you grow old and grow up, let the child in you live.

One of the first ironies you will learn is how you will wish to be a grown-up person so quickly when you are a child versus how you will wish to be a child again when you become an adult. I remember how fast I wanted to grow up. My growing up process was too slow for me. I wanted to have all the liberties which came with being an adult, to be in charge and live the way I wanted. Little did I know that adulthood was a venture I was not going to love very much.

Today, I do not regret being an adult. However, I wish the process had tarried. Being an adult is burdensome. It comes with so many responsibilities that make you tired, stressed and sometimes confused. No matter how prepared you are for it, growing up comes at you like a raging storm from all angles and drowns you with its burdens. Only a few people can escape this storm or brave it.

Sometimes, life as an adult can get so unbearable all you want to do is be a child again. For many people, this is an impossibility. Once they transition from childhood into adulthood, they burn the bridges. There is no going back. That’s the mistake many adults do. They kill the children in them and spend the rest of their lives wishing they could go back to being kids.

Elsie, don’t make this mistake too. Never kill the child in you. She will come in handy too many times in your adulthood. Find a special place in your life to tuck the little adorable girl that you will be. And reach for her anytime adulthood is choking your life out of you. The child you left behind will become your lifeline.

Here’s an experience.

One day, I got an invitation by a friend to submit my CV and cover letter for a job. Sadly, when I arrived at the office, the job had been given to another person. I was shattered. There was nothing I could do other than count that day as one for a failed mission. The failed missions were piling up and I was also getting tired. Before I knew it, I was in tears. I sobbed helplessly like a child.

While I cried, my comforters were quick to remind me to wipe my tears because I was no longer a child. “As an adult, you cannot cry”, they said.

I defied them, reached for the child in me and cried as much as I could.  For some reason, I become all too fine when I let things off my chest by crying. After those tears, I found myself reinvigorated with a new sense of hope that everything was going to work out for me soon.

We are in a society which makes it difficult to rekindle your inner child. As you grow up, family and society will do their best to scrape off all the traits of being a child from your adult self. Do not yield. Let the child in you live. Call it to work when it necessary. Being an adult is good. Taking responsibility for your actions, having access to its associated liberties and fun, deciding your happiness and a whole lot more. It sounds interesting, right?  On the other hand, it is also a tiring experience; one that takes all your joy away.  If you find adulthood too challenging, maybe robotic to some extent, or boring, try these tips I took from Elizabeth Cottrell’s “Connect With Your Inner Self”.

Rekindle Your Sense Of Wonder

Pay attention to your environment. This is something children do. Take time out admire your beautiful surroundings and see how it makes you happy. There are so many things that would strike as you as beautiful, leaving you in world of wonder. You are all going to be all amazement when you pay attention to these things that your otherwise adult-stressed-self would never have allowed you to see.

Reflect On What Makes You Happy And Sad

Many a time, we are too busy getting by as adults that we even forget what makes us happy. We want to find a job that pays our bills and help us afford all the fineries we think would make us happy.

The world has too many sad rich adults and I do not want you to be one of them. Think about what makes you happy and sad. If you find it or them, you would know how to crawl of sadness when it comes and how to sustain your happiness when you find it. Happiness is important, that is why everything you would do later in life must be geared towards making you happy.

Make Time For Play

Think about what play means to you and make time for it. If need be, turn your hobby into a profession. So that as you work, you do not just earn money, you earn joy and satisfaction too.

Be Yourself

I do not what the world is going to look like when you become adult. But right now, the world is constantly trying to turn people into what they are not. In their bid to be accepted, they are everything except themselves.

What most of us do not know is that, it is easier to be yourself. Trying to be someone else is denigrating and a mockery to yourself. Which is why we find too many people who look happy on the outside but are very miserable on the inside.

I hope situations take a different turn by the time you are an adult. If it does not, be yourself, regardless!

Try Something New  

Make time to try something new. It adds spice to your life. Doing the same thing over a long period becomes mundane and boring. Be adventurous.

There are a lot of things to behold and experience. If you can afford nothing at all, get yourself a book or a movie. Read and watch all the stress away. If you can afford to travel, by all means, do so! Visit and experience new places and cultures. It educates you, entertains you and makes you happy.

Elsie, you will become a fine adult. No doubt about that. Cherish these things that I tell you today.  Keep the child in you always alive no matter what. She will be the key to your happiness.

There is love in SHARING