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A time for children Christmas
Time to love brothers Christmas
A time we do see peace Christmas
Where fighting actually does cease
Sharing gift with all
When the world seems a new
Like that first Christmas morn
When Christ was born
A wonder that happen long ago
Shines a glow then still stops our world

As Christmas comes near the world changes
Caring ways of the people appears
During their best to help each other
This ensures happiness as its smells
A time of the year when the heart is open
All year long let this attitude last
Peace will take us high
And happiness would be for all

There is love in SHARING



Christ out of Christmas
What meaning would that be
The reason is the savior
A season so special we see

Happy holiday! Happy Christmas
This I say! Should be reminded
Holy! Holy! is thee
Our prayer must be thee

Santa Claus, we call thee
Leader of all the Christian
By the name of Saint Nicholas
All year through he helps others

So try as May
Never a reason why
Christmas on our mind
Without Jesus Christ to remember

There is love in SHARING


I asked God for strength, that I might achieve.

I was made weak, that I might learn humbly to obey . . .

I asked for health, that I might do greater things.

I was given infirmity, that I might do better things …

I asked for riches, that I might be happy.

I was given poverty, that I might be wise …

I asked for power, that I might have the praise of men.

I was given weakness, that I might feel the need of God .. .

I asked for all things, that I might enjoy life.

I was given life, that I might enjoy all things …

I got nothing I asked for–but everything I had hoped for.

Almost despite myself, my unspoken prayers were answered.

I, among all men, am most richly blessed!

There is love in SHARING

(Poetry)Beauty and Savage Beast

Once I met a savage beast

He made me fall in love

Everyone feared for me

They wanted to protect me

I needed protection from myself

Who loves a beast?

Who thinks he is harmless?


Once I met a savage beast

Who fought for me

Who defended me with his life

Who protected me to no end

Who believed in all the good I am


Once I met a savage beast

Who was taken away from me

By his Pride for they feared for him

They feared what he was turning into

For he was no longer the beast they used to know

He was more forgiving, a bit respectful and caring

Once I was loved by a savage beast.

There is love in SHARING

[Poetry]Goodbye My Lover

Reminiscing about the love you gave me

Hiden under the cloak of chivalry, I couldn’t save me
The glistening sweat on my body you made me

Screaming, digging my nails into your flesh, can you blame me?

Finding your affections veer in the opposite direction

But what is the point when I still hurt in retrospection?

The pain that tore nothing compares to the vindication

Are you Satan reincarnated? Answer this question.

Like you said, it was all my fault innit?

Not the first time, done that, been it

Dead inside, too cold to feel it

My heart bled caramel, can you believe it?

Man, go ahead and do your thing

It hurts to know that it was just a fling

Ain’t I just stupid scouting for a ring?

Never mind your love as fake as your bling.

Alright, I am done crying over you

Move on because my time is over due

Just another typical casanova hue

Got my heels on I am so over you.

There is love in SHARING


I did not choose life. I chose death

The day I said I do

I walked in the boulevard of my last breath

How was I to know, my end was my groom

My wedding bouquet was to adorn my grave

How could this be when my all I gave?

The hands that caressed my bosom, would turn to smother

Engulfed in naiveté of love, I dared not to bother

His chest rose and fell, not with lust but seething anger

I knew not, my husband had become a stranger

Behold, he was a hybrid of sexual girth

An Adonis that was mine from birth

His love oozed and formed a halo around his head

I basked in its ray of ambience, oh my sweet angel of death

Oblivion to lurking Hades

The storm on his face bruised my heart!

The thunder in his voice shattered my world!

His balled fists fornicated my body!

Like a lamb I laid down my head as he drained my soul

I let him murder me, I did not run, I did not scream

I would rather die than see the loathe in his eyes!

Unlike him, death wanted me. Death loved me. Death loved me.

Death it shall be than hate from my love

Death takes me away from the pain and embraces my soul in his arms.

Death my new love, I am yours forever…

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How can a tressure above the sky
Lie only at windows to spy
With pressure she hides under her smile
And they call her the apple of God’s eye?

Yes the economy is now an enemy
That terrorise us in our own country
Added to the fact that we are hungry.

Knowledge is now an allegiance you pledge
On your honour but her clamour makes you Belch
She is downtrodden with the golden shoe
That ignorance wears with arrogance
Great knowledge has no place to work
So the economy is wasted and infected.

OK! Tell the ministries
To close down all admission entries
So we all will retire to our eateries
Awaiting the dignitaries that will
Will connect us with great opportunities!

Allow me to speak and pick
For pick milk is now thick in my teeth
Allow me I say Allow me
How much did you pay
Only to lay your head
On the nursery bed
Yes how much in primary school
Without stool without epistle
You shake off sweat and tired spittle…

Listen that we were optimistic
With things so pessimistic
Wrote the relic ink
And not bordered that it was mystic.

With coats of many colours
Pride and our bones were dried
Using money that would
Flesh the stomach
To leave mark on the pen and paper
since nursery from rank to rank.

It does not end there
Like spear in the heart of a dear bear
Where we sat for a test called Jamb
It jamed us so much like jam jam game
Jamb jam some two times
Some three some four
Some you no fit count the times
You now wondering our committed crimes…
But at the end it became a thrilling thread
Our friends smiled and celebrated our trend.

Now that you carry handouts than you carry garri
Hoping that at the end
You will get a good job and marry;
Every man wants to have is own family
Like Lilly of the valley,rainy and sunny
But the offices are so thorny
They tell you it has been filled
It has been killed
By those who slept
While you wept
Inept against the odds
Of where your books are kept.

Since knowledge is only a pledge
To be recited like national pledge
That taste sweet when sung
To harvest many Sauls
Than it did many Pauls
Then the economy will dwindle
Because knowledge has no place to work.

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You think I am shouting?
I will continue to shout
At the top of my voice
To pool the wool
From our nation’s ear
So her ears begins to hear
Or ourselves we will tear…

They say before the sun ray
That your aptitude is your attitude
And the space of latitude
Will be great if you are good…
YES! I am good
In my art very good
Tell them I say we are good
But on our table we can not find food.

Listen,how can you act without a stage
Only when your stage is a mad man’s act…
It sounds so funny
But na the truth be that ooo.
You organise a show
Audience crucify you
For tagging a fee on the gate
Who were late to my hate.

You invite they that are on your
Personal seat
They tell you to wait a bit for there is heat
They tell you they busy with papers they not account
Drama is not my thing they tell you…
After investing everything,you end up with nothing.

Or it’s it music
That repays you to be sick
With eulogies and accolades:
Why and how do you want them
To coin their knowledge into?
when no matter how hard they work
Their knowledge is just Idle…
Stop stealing the rhythm of their skills


Or call them vocal spirituals:
To heal BUHARI with their voices.

He his a painter
You stir his pain
Because you only steel
His paintings for a lovely profile pix.
If he,with pain,paints your face in a frame
With time,you only remind him
How beautifully ugly you are
With the handsome DE’ WO WO.

How life and act are not in themselves anymore,
No act in life and no life in act…
How then will he get married
And have his own babies?
How will he buy a pet dog without rabies?
So mum and children shall say
Dad,you are carried.

Do not look at me that way
But I won’t talk too much
About my prayer in my room and church
I will only check my porch-wristwatch
If it is dark Alack!
I have thief man’s touch

For our economy is infected
Because great knowledge has no place to work…
Only at the dungeon and dirge!

Your knowledge,my knowledge, our knowledge is idle!


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We told them that we needed houses
Our government responded by pulling down the ones we had.

We told them that we could barely meet up with the prices of foodstuffs in the markets
They responded by increasing the common foodstuffs we could afford.

We told them that we needed jobs
Our government responded by closing the few companies with their policies.

We told them that we needed a father to watch over us
Our President left us for other places.

We told them to help our education from falling
Our Government responded by putting it in the grave.

We told our government to help us become selfless
They told us that selfishness is the way forward.

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So he came
His leg popped out first
The labour was pitiful
Who has Iyawo offended
She weekly buy sweets for her neighbour kids

Which name befits him
He blinks his poorly litted globe eyes as seconds tick
He throws his legs up
Cries wee’s in the darkest hour before Dawn
Pastor scabash(es) over his head
Imam recites quranic verses on his head
Awo kekere herbs still comes in bountiful supply
Rotimi! Rotimi !! Rotimi !!!
He must not lack is the code
042 abi it’s 406, perhaps 737

It is Malaria
He only drank one bottle of Jedi
He only ate that saucy Porridge
Maybe he needs rest
Don’t disturb him
Rotimi like no other
Mother’s choice
Father’s heir
Please stay Forever.

Rotimi needs this and all of that
At 17
Seems he has finally agreed to stay
Son of his Father
Omo re bi Iyan
Iroko la’ rin Igbo Irunmole

Rotimi is beclouded about the mystery surrounding him
Akanbi keeps reasonable distance
Rotimi wants to bridge the distance
Akanbi enlightened him that  a fully blooded man don’t relate with a short life-span human
Rotimi was psychologically traumatised
The Dreams he envisages ran ahead of him
Now he knows why people whispers in Hushed tones around him
He must eat that porridge and sleep
A long sleep across 7 seas and 7 mountains
Sleep so deep that he wont Breath again
And so he did
Rotimi still lives in his Parents heart
Not to be forgotten.

African stories
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All along she sought for a friend,
one who’ll listen to her groanings till the end.
The pressures of life were too much for her to bear,
and it seemed all the folks around her did not care.

From time to time, she heard a little voice in her heart,
telling her to stop her groan and take heart.
But the little voice in her heart she ignored,
for it was the voice of flesh and blood she longed for.

In the mornings, she heard the voice of the happy shepherd,
singing to his sheep with a pure voice unfiltered.
But the sound of his voice vexed her soul,
the envy of his merry heart made her cold.

Alas, she said to herself “I am tired”.
The turmoil of this life had her shattered.
To the top of the mountain she went to ponder her life,
sorrow, sorrow at age thirty she’s nobody’s wife.

After pondering and pondering to no conclusion to her heart’s mend,
she moved to the edge of the mountain to jump to her own end.
“Perhaps the afterlife may bring me more pleasure,
there is nothing in this miserable life to treasure.”

Then she took a leap of faith,
knowing her gruesome fate.
She took a jump,
but a quick firm hand held her to a stop.

With tears in her eyes, she slowly lifted her head to her saviour,
to say “no thanks” for the uncalled for favour.
But to her uttermost surprise it was the happy shepherd,
“I had followed you from the valley” he uttered.

Lost for words, she threw herself at him and began to weep,
not minding the ooze from his garment which smelt of sheep.
“It’s alright dear, you don’t need to fear” he said.
He smiled gently as he stroked her head.

Alas, the lonely dame found love on the mountain,
far from the troubles and turmoil in the valley.

****Obadiah 1:17

African stories
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