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Film on Nigeria’s Ebola experience screens in Hollywood

Nollywood film on Nigeria’s resilience during the Ebola virus outbreak in the country was on Friday night screened at Hollywood, Los Angeles, in a collaboration event tagged ‘Nollywood in Hollywood’.

The screening of the film, 93 DAYS, which held at the world famous Egyptian Theater in Hollywood with a red-carpet, was also the inaugural ‘Nollywood in Hollywood’ event.

According to organisers, the event was a celebration of Nigeria’s growing cinema.

The film is a compelling drama of dedication, sacrifice, resilience and survival based on the true story of the people who risked their lives to prevent a catastrophic virus outbreak in Nigeria.

Nigeria experienced the Ebola virus in July, 2014 when a Liberian American, Patrick Sawyer, who had the disease flew from Liberia to the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos and died five days later.

Starring Bimbo Akintola, Somkele Idhalama and Danny Glover, it took the audience through the unfortunate memory lane when Sawyer collapsed upon arrival at the airport, after which he was diagnosed with the Ebola virus.

The film explained that over that 93-day period, men and women from Nigeria, the World Health Organisation and Doctors Without Borders raced against time to contain the deadly disease as lives were lost and heroes were born

The film was co-presented by the American Cinematheque’s Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California, and O2A Media Inc., the production company of Nigerian-American filmmaker, Ose Oyamendan.

There was a question and answer session that followed, with the film’s director, Steve Gukas.

The screening of the Nollywood film, 93 DAYS, and two others from Nollywood – THE BRIDGE and ISOKEN – in Hollywood, California, which started on Friday and continues on Saturday, would be the first collaboration between Nollywood and Hollywood.

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[Music & Video] Youngface Ft. Skales – Ororo

Eguasa Family Entertainment presents a Brand new Music/Video from Spain based Afro Dance hall Artist Youngface, who has done well with his debut songs Overheat with Project fame winner iMike.

Youngface is sure ready to take his music career to another level & here comes his latest studio effort titled “Ororo” featuring the Never Say Never Guy “Skales

This jam is a certified Banger and no matter your mood, you must dance to this jam and Any body that listens to Ororowill definately love it and its a must have on every playlist.

This Song is Produced by Pimpzbeat and The Video was directed by SOD Filmz. Enjoy!!

Listen & Download “Youngface Ft. Skales – Ororo” below:-


Watch & Download “Youngface Ft. Skales – Ororo” Video below:-

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[VIDEO] Edyborngreat – Ode Ni JESU

The Nigeria multi capable dynamic Gospel vocalist, social transformer, motivational essayist and lyricist prominently Known as EdyBornGreat has discharged her foreseen video titled ODE NI JESU – ( The name of Jesus).
This music video is one out of the 7 others in the collection titled THE NAME OF JESUS. which has been portrayed as a gathering of both profound and creative artful culmination with the hit track ‘Tribute Ni Jesu’ a delicate shake tune conveyed enthusiastically with her vocal expertise producing so much intrigue locally and universally.
The melody ODE NI JESUS meaning the name of Jesus can be portrayed as an Isoko commend tune, and furthermore the statement of the power for the sake of jesus to change each circumstance in around us.

The lovely visuals was coordinated by Lawrence Omo Iyare.

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Is Tyrion Lannister Good or Bad?

Martin RR’s Song of Ice and Fire series treats the very notion of character as an intransigent chimera, unbound by the traditional conventions and mores of modern fiction. Character for GRRM is ever a movable feast as he toys with the reader’s loyalties, first making us hate a character through his or her selfish, evil actions, and then over the course of a couple of novels turning our perspective around entirely and letting us find sympathy for the same character we used to hate. Motives behind evil actions are revealed, previously evil characters are shown to repent and to suffer for their crimes, and little by little the characters we used to love to hate become the characters we are surprised to admire.

Other characters are set up to be evil- their situation, family affections and motives are such that they are bound to be nasty, heinous villains. And yet constantly they surprise- even though they must walk a fine balance of family loyalty and the moral good, they are made better, revealed to be stronger by this contrasting dichotomy. Such a character is Tyrion Lannister. Younger brother of Jaime Lannister and in possession of a shrewd, calculating mind, the hideous dwarf Tyrion Lannister is given every opportunity by plot and circumstance to be an arch villain. The Lannister family are clearly the villains of the piece, their vaulting ambition drips its way through the pages of A Song of Ice and Fire like the enemy blood they so carelessly spill at any opportunity. But is Tyrion Lannister a good guy? Tyrion is aware of some of his family’s misdeeds, ignorant of others, and perhaps quietly chooses to ignore some. For all that he recognises his father and sister for what they are, Tyrion Lannister is always devoted to his brother Jaime and occasionally blinkered to Jaime’s misdeeds. So Tyrion Game of Thrones Lannister is an enigmatic character, a complicated, complex and wonderfully interesting man.

As the plot of A Song of Ice and Fire progresses though, Martin rr gradually swings our impressions of Jaime Lannister round 180 degrees and allows the reader to sympathise with him. As we start to see Jaime in a new light, our view of the character comes into closer alliance with the opinion of him held by Tyrion Lannister. This perhaps suggest that Tyrion Lannister’s view of his brother has been correct all along- rather than simply being purely evil, Jaime has been the, perhaps willing, victim of Cersei’s ambition.

Similarly Tyrion’s father and his evil nature become increasingly apparent through the song of ice and fire series. With a father as evil but as domineering Tyrion’s father, it’s inveitable that Tyrion Lannister would grow up complex and involved, and perhaps also inevitable that both Jaime Lannister and Cersei Lannister would have their faults.

Tyrion Lannister becomes allied to Jon Snow early in A Game of Thrones- they go so far as to announce themselves friends. Thereafter, whenever the opportunity arises, Tyrion’s actions seek to protect his friend Jon and to provide additional resource and men for the night’s Watch whenever possible. Jon Snow’s central moral position in the Song of Ice and Fire series adds credibility to the idea that Tyrion Lannister is a good guy. If Jon Snow, who is so consistently good, can think that Tyrion Lannister is a good guy, then there must be something to it. But still we the reader are left wondering- it is not black and white: is Tyrion Lannister a good guy?

Tyrion Lannister is believed by his family to be perverse and disgusting- they think he is beyond reproach for cavorting with prostitutes like Shae Tyrion also gambles and speaks truth to power at every opportunity: is Tyrion game? You bet. It is precisely these practices and characteristics that endear Tyrion Lannister to the reader. While he certainly does spend time with prostitutes, the relationship with Shae Tyrion creates is clearly an emotional one, for Tyrion Lannister at least, and he worries constantly about protecting Shae from Cersei’s clutches. The true motives of Shae Tyrion is unsure of, as he is no fool, but he is at least honest with himself concerning his own feelings about Shae.


Tyrion is loathed by the people of King’s Landing, despite having put as much work and effort into his position as hand of the king as he can. Tyrion saves the day during the Battle of Blackwater, applying bravery and military cunning and putting himself in considerable jeopardy in the process. This selflessness does certainly suggest that Tyrion Lannister is a good guy, and our sympathies are also aroused elsewhere when Tyrion is wrongly accused of having a hand in Ned Stark’s death, and made by Catelyn Stark to suffer egregiously for a crime he did not commit.

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PRETTYMUCH & French Montana Will Give You Life On “No More”

I don’t know what I did to deserve THIS new PRETTYMUCH song, but apparently the music goddesses heard all of my prayers and fully delivered. The boy band’s latest single “No More” features French Montana and it is indeed a roof-raiser.

On the Savan Kotecha-produced electro-R&B track, PRETTYMUCH expresses their eagerness to be with a special “señorita” as demonstrated in the catchy chorus: “Tell me what you want cause I just can’t wait no more/ Tell me where you are cause I just can’t wait no more/ I wanna be the one but I just don’t know if I can wait no more.”

This new release marks the fourth song that the power group has dropped following “Open Arms,” “Teacher” and “Would You Mind.” Stream the new single, below.

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Watch Trailer Of A Million Baby Nollywood Movie Ft.. Odunlade Adekola & Others As It Heads To The Cinemas

Set to hit the cinemas nationwide from June 16th, 2017 is another hilarious comedy movie, “A Million Baby” featuring Odunlade Adekola, Ada Ameh, Ayo Binta Mogaji, Tony Akposheri, Moradeke Adegboyega, Seun Akindele, Tayo Oluoti, Omobola Akinde, Ibukun and Ire Salako.

Produced by Moradeke Adegboyega and Olakunle Oni from the stables of Just Distinguish Productions, Producers of “Madam’s PA” and “The Courier” featuring Ramsey Nouah and Joseph Benjamin.

A Million Baby” was shot by Jeleel Adegbite, directed by Sunshine Olawore and edited by Akin Alabi.


Janet (Moradeke Adegboyega), a comfortable family woman who loves to give and help the needy falls victim of her own goodwill.

A twist of circumstance lands her in the company of Morufu (Odunlade), Mama Oyinye (Ada Ameh) and Johnny (Tony Akposheri). The outcome would cause ripples of laughter….

Watch the trailer below

Watch now

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