**Apo Filling Station Enugu**

(A Den for the Wayward Boys)

For those who have had the experience, the very mention of “Apo Filling Station,” rakes up ashes of old bitter memories. It is NOT a filling station as the name implies in case you are wondering. This corner of the universe which is a junction, situated somewhere around the out sketch of Garki, is regarded as bandit territory. A breeding ground for thieves that are well trained for the ‘snatch and run’. It also has been a front for many ‘dark’ activities where some budding number of misguided youths, converge to harbour dark thoughts and of course, put to practice their street learned craft.

But painful enough, it is the wrong kind of craft. Here, their minds are bent, their heads turned, their promising hands taught to handle contrabands, weapons, wrap ‘weed’, while their fresh untainted lips are taught to drag it in one more time. Most importantly, they are sensitized on how to survive on the streets.

First thing you notice about Apo filling station is that supercharged energy in the atmosphere as a result of its teeming population especially during the evening hours. The buzzing loud speakers from record stores, the incessant honk of car horns, the chit-chats and laughter. This is from people who engage themselves in the act of road side trade like buying, selling, hawking and not forgeting, window shoppers. As it should be, it brings about daily routine of slow traffic which sometimes goes into a stand still. All these activities happen on a single lane, so you can understand the basis behind the “hold up”.

Submit your Gists here @africanentertainment.infoIt is the nerve center for commercial activities within that axis, but don’t let ‘anything’ snag your attention, while you are on that traffic, not even the sound of your own car stereo. Keep it down! Keep your eyes peeled, your ears pricked and your sensitivity level a hundred. And while you are it, make sure your valuables like phones, tablets or laptops are not within sight especially if you are sited close to the window. If possible, wind up.

These miscreants are well bred in spoting a potential ‘snatch’. As soon as that bright glow from your phone’s screen runs into their ‘beady and shifty’ eyes, they will approach you with careful stealth like a hunter who just caught sight of an unaware deer. Behind you, they will continue to trail, waiting for the perfect second to engage their fast fingers and that will be the end of it. Their strike is always lightening fast. You will never see it coming. Gifted with perfect reflexes and quick legs, they will disappear into the nearest street corner before you even get a chance to unlock the door.

And if you decide to chase after them, be sure to have more than your own legs. Engage the services of about four to six more legs. That way, you stand a chance of apprehending the thief. Because by virtue of their congested neighbourhood and fascinating road network, you will find it very challenging staying close to their heels. They cut corners real fast. That is because they know every street corner and hideout like the hand knows its way to the mouth even at night.

At Apo filling station Enugu, phones and valuables change ownership within minutes. This thing is real and not some fabricated tale. And yes I know every town has got dreaded territory, but I had to bring this one to light for the unaware brothers and sisters.

Stay at alert…
Stay at alert…

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