(Short story) The Good Samaritan


I locked the car and checked myself out from the glass ensuring my white baseball cap was well worn, Just as I was about opening the sliding door a young man stormed out hitting me yet didn’t apologize and walked away,

I watched him storming away and wondered what on earth could have annoyed such a young handsome guy in the Eatery. I adjusted my shirt, and check myself out again like someone expecting to hook up with a pearl in the eatery but come what may I promise never to spend more than my pocket.

I entered a classy Eatery, found myself a comfortable sit and ordered for a bottle of Henessy just then I heard someone sobbing, I lifted my head up to find a fair beautiful looking fresh lady surrounded by two sales girls and a man in suite which will certainly be the Manager. what amazed me most was this damsel weeping uncontrollably.

“Madam… am sorry I will have to take your Iphone and probably your wristwatch if they can foot your bill…” The Manager said. I was shocked to hear this, before I knew I was already heading there to save the day.
“ehm… if you dont mind, please gentle lady what is wrong ?” I asked expecting a rude answer from this damsel.

“Sir… my boyfriend brought me here and we both ate and he even told me to buy take-aways. but when they brought our bill he was mad at me and paid only for his food and stormed out…” She said still sobbing.
oh! I could gather the puzzle, the guy that actually stormed out hitting me was her boyfriend.


Anyways I pity the lady and already found myself crushing on her, I guessed she surely didnt eat much probably the boyfriend decided to disappoint her.
I decided to pay her bill hoping it wont be more than Ten Thousand Naira
“Where is your P.O.S. , have my Atm card and deduct her fee” I said as she ran towards me and gave me a warm hug but I was expecting more than that from this damsel, she thanked me and left. one of the sales girls returned my Atm card and then my phone beeped as deduction of amount message came in.

I was too engross admiring this beautiful girl as she also keep looking back and smiling at me with two big nylon on her both hands before she finally exist.
I checked the message and saw that Two hundred and fifty thousand Naira was deducted from my account for her bill out of Two hundred and Sixty thousand Naira that I have in my account now leaving me with just a Thousand Naira .
am finished!!!
My legs were shaking, and I began to feel hot and cold.
Now I know the reason why her boyfriend left angrily , unfortunately I am cursing her already for I may end up watching plates in the eatery because only Henessy that I drank worth Five thousand Naira and am left with A thousand Naira…

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