Slot Nigeria: Mobile Phones List & Current Price in Nigeria 2018


This article contain list of phones at Slot Nigeria and their current price in Naira May 2018. Slot NG sell mobile phones across all operating systems (Android, iOS and Windows mobile) and brands (Samsung, iPhone, HTC, Tecno, iTel, Gionee, Infinix, Huawei, Nokia, Sony etc). Below are the slot phones in Nigeria right now with their current prices .

However, the prices of Slot phones seen on this page may be a little bit different (+ or – N2000 Naira) in your location depending on series of reasons which include the current fluctuation of dollar to naira exchange rate and state/city you resides in Nigeria.

So you might want to add extra N1000 naira to the price you see here while visiting any of their outlets in the country.

Few among many reasons numerous Nigerians patronize Slot mobile phones are;
1. After sales service offer that is rare among its competitors.
2. Their phones are cheap.
3. They have both online and offline presence.
4. Their Customer service is alluring. They do everything in their power to satisfy their customers.

Slot Nigeria have hundreds of stores, shops, outlets in virtually all Nigerian states. They offers the best deal and value for your money. Check out slot phones and their price in Nigeria.

These lists of Slot NG phones includes Tecno,
Infinix , Sony, Gionee, iTel, iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Nokia and Huawei phones.

Slot Tecno Phones and Their Prices in Naira.

These prices may vary from one state to the other, usually + or – N2000 naira.

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Tecno Spark K7: N33,500.
Tecno Spark K7 Plus: N39,100.
Tecno Spark Plus (K9): N43,300.
Tecno T349:N4,200.
Tecno Phantom 8: N128,000.
Tecno Camon CX: N54,200.
Tecno Camon CX Air: N45,000.
Tecno Camon CM: N47,000.
Tecno PhonePad 3: N55,500.
Tecno PhonePad 7E: N42,000.
Tecno Camon C9: N40,000 Naira.
Tecno L8: N35,500.
Tecno L8 Lite: N29,600.
Tecno L8 Plus: N48,500.
Tecno DroiPad 10 Pro II: N95,000.
Tecno DroidPad 7D: N30,200.
Tecno 7C Pro: N28,500.
Tecno W4: N32,000.
Tecno W3 LTE: N27,500.
Tecno W1: N16,200.
Tecno W2: N19,300.
Tecno W5 Lite: N32,500.
Tecno WX3: N24,000.
Tecno WX3 LTE: N28,000.

Tecno WX3 Pro: N26,200.
Tecno Phantom 6: N75,000. Promo offer = 63,000 Naira.
Tecno Phantom 6 Plus: N108,000.
Tecno Y2: N15,900.

Here are the prices of infinix phones at slot.

  • Infinix Hot 5 Pro: N38,500.
    Infinix Hot 5: N35,200.
    Infinix Hot 5 Lite: N33,500.
    Infinix Note 4: N53,000.
    Infinix Hot 4 Pro: N42,000.
    Infinix Note 4 (3GB, 32GB): N59,000.
    Infinix Note 4 Pro: N67,500.
    Infinix Note 4 Pro with X-Pen: N74,000.
    Infinix Smart: N29,500.
    Infinix Zero 4: N85,000. Promo = N61,500.
    Infinix Zero 4 Plus: N122,000. Promo = N95,000.
    Infinix Hot S3: N62,200.
    Infinix Note 3 Pro: N52,000.
    Infinix Zero 5: N105,000.
    Infinix Zero 5 Pro: N122,000.
    Infinix Hot S: N45,000.
    Infinix Hot S2 Pro: N49,000.

    iTel Phones Prices at Slot.

    iTel S32: N32,500.
    iTel S32 LTE: N44,000.

    Gionee Phones and Their Price in Naira.

    Gionee A1: N79,000.
    Gionee M6 Mirror: N54,000.
    Gionee P5 Mini: N24,000.
    Gionee A1 Lite: N65,000.
    Gionee M5 Mini: N41,000.
    Gionee P8W: N30,000.
    Gionee S6s: N61,500.
    Gionee X1s: N55,000.

    Samsung Phones and Their Price at Slot Nigeria.

    Samsung A5 2016: N120,000. Promo = N90,000.
    Samsung A3 2017: N122,000.
    Samsung A5 2017: N131,000. Promo = N115,000.
    Samsung A7 2017: N155,000. Promo = N140,000.
    Samsung Galaxy (J250F) Grand Prime Pro: N47,000.
    Samsung Galaxy A8 Plus: N180,000.
    Samsung Galaxy J5 Pro: N82,000.
    Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime: N112,000. Promo = N80,000.
    Samsung Galaxy Note 8: N294,000.
    Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (Gold): N340,000. Promo = N290,000.
    Samsung Galaxy S9: N285,000.
    Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus: N320,000.
    Samsung Galaxy Tab S3: N218,000.
    Samsung Galaxy Prime Plus: N38,000.
    Samsung J1 Mini Prime: N24,500.
    Samsung J120: N37,000.
    Samsung J200: N43,000.
    Samsung J3 2016 (J320): N40,000. Promo = N25,000.
    Samsung J5: N59,000. Promo = N39,500.
    Samsung J5 Prime: N65,000.
    Samsung J7 Neo: N65,000.
    Samsung J7 Pro: N104,000.
    Samsung S7: N235,000. Promo = N170,000.
    Samsung S7 Edge: N238,000.
    Samsung S8: N260,000.
    Samsung Tab A 10 + Pen: N120,000.
    Samsung Tab A7: N63,000. Promo = N50,000.
    Samsung Tab E: N66,000.
    Samsung Tab S2: N204,000.

Nokia Phones and Their Price at Slot Nigeria.

  • Nokia 105 Dual: N7000.
    Nokia 105 Single: N6000.
    Nokia 230: N20,000.
    Nokia 5: N63,000.
    Nokia 6: N83,000.
    Nokia 3: N43,000.
    Nokia 3310: N18,500.
    Nokia 2: N32,000.
    Nokia 8: N174,000.

    Apple iPhones and Their Price at Slot Nigeria.

    Apple iPhone X (256GB): N580,000. Promo = N450,000.
    Apple iPhone X (64GB): N500,000. Promo = N420,000.
    Apple Ipad Pro (512GB) + Pen: N530,000.
    Apple Ipad Pro (256GB) + Pen: N470,000.
    Apple iPhone 6 (32GB): N205,000. Promo = N130,000.
    Apple iPhone 6S (64GB): N260,000. Promo = N155,000.
    Apple iPhone 8 (256GB): N360,000.
    Apple iPhone 8 (64GB): N320,000.
    Apple iPhone 8 Plus (256GB): N400,000.
    Apple iPhone 8 Plus (64GB): N340,000.
    Apple iPhone 7 (128GB): N370,000. Promo = N260,000.
    Apple iPhone 7 (256GB): N395,000. Promo = N275,000.
    Apple iPhone 7 Plus (128GB): N395,000. Promo = N320,000.
    HTC Phones and Their Price at Slot Nigeria.
    HTC Desire G+: N67,000.
    HTC U Ultra: N260,000.

    Prices of Huawei phones at slot nigeria.

    HTC Desire G+: N67,000.
    HTC U Ultra: N260,000.

    Huawei Phones and Their Price at Slot.

    Huawei Y3: N31,000.
    Huawei Y3II Dual: N27,500.
    Huawei Y3II Single: N19,000.
    Huawei GR3: N58,000.
    Huawei GR3 (2017): N65,000.
    Huawei GR5: N97,000.
    Huawei GR5 Mini: N87,000.
    Huawei M2 10: N100,000.
    Huawei Mate 7: N138,000.
    Huawei Mate 9: N270,000.
    Huawei Mate S (64GB): N174,000.
    Huawei P8: N125,000.
    Huawei P9: N190,000.
    Huawei P9 Lite: N95,000.
    Huawei P9 Plus: N230,000.
    Huawei T1 10: N93,000.
    Huawei T1 7: N44,000.
    Huawei Y5 2017: N45,000.
    Huawei Y5 II: N36,000.
    Huawei Y6 II: N65,000. Promo = N52,000.

    Innjoo Phones and Their Price at Slot.

    InnJoo Halo 3: N34,000.
    InnJoo X3: N17,500.

    Price of Fero Phones at Slot NG .

    Fero phones and their prices.
    Fero A4501: N23,000.
    Fero A4502: N16,200.
    Fero L100: N24,500.
    Fero Mega: N38,000.
    Fero Pace: N28,000.
    Fero Pad 7: N26,500.
    Fero Pad 8: N46,000.
    Fero A5000: N20,000.
    Fero A5002: N23,000.
    Fero A5500: N26,500.
    Fero Royale J1: N29,000.
    Fero Royale Y1: N35,000.
    Fero Royale Y2: N41,500.
    Fero Power 2: N24,000.
    Fero Power 3: N25,500.

Fero Zoom: N25,500.

  • That’s all on Slot Nigeria phones list and their respective price in Nigeria 2018. Stay tuned for Slot NG Offices and Contact address/details in Nigeria.
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