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TBoss subtly replies her father, after he cursed her

TBoss Might just have subtly responded to her father’s curse earlier today.

Recall, yesterday, pictures of TBoss’ father, Engr. Vincent Idowu, a civil engineering lecturer at Ambrose Ali University, married a 400 level student of the school.. and the picture immediately went viral.

Her dad, today, then took to the gram to reply trolls who came for him, for marrying a lady so young, who apparently, is his student.

He didn’t just respond to trolls.. He also laid a curse on his daughter, TBoss.. He wrote;

”When destiny smiles on someone, he forgets that there is life elsewhere. If I look like a roasted goat on my wedding day, that’s cool but that writer will soon become a resident of a subcity where people with severed limbs, broken bones, amputations, stinking blind and lame reside. THIS IS A PROMISE.

I live a humble, private life and did not intimate TBoss or any of her siblings of my plan to remarry in accordance with my tradition/custom. Furthermore, I did not make public or post anything about my marriage.

I am starting a new beginning and clearing the slate of all the wrong decisions I made in my life. I just want to forget Tokunbor (TBoss) and her siblings and start life afresh for all its worth. If and wherever Tboss and any of her siblings gets married, it shall be without my blessings and woe unto the man or the woman who marries any of them. So shall it be by the power vested on me by God Almighty”.

Now, in what seems like a subtle reply to her dad.. TBoss shared on Instagram the below post, but the turned off comments:


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See All You Need To Know About Ngozi Ezeonu’s Family, Meet Her Husband And Four Lovely Children [+Photos]

Do you follow Ngozi Ezeonu’s life and career? What changes have happened in her family life? Read all about it here.
It is not a secret that Ngozi Ezeonu is a very famous Nollywood actress and model.
Before she has become really famous in the sphere of Nigerian movies, she had managed to work as a journalist and hair-dresser. Can you imagine?

Ngozi Ezeonu marriage

Speaking about Ngozi Ezeonu’s family, she has been in a marriage with her husband already for 14 years. Ngozi Ezeonu’s husband’s name is Edwin.

See All You Need To Know About Ngozi Ezeonu’s Family, Meet Her Husband And Four Lovely Children [+Photos]

Despite all the rumors of their break-up, they are still happy together. Ngozi Ezeonu’s husband is lucky to have such bright wife and talented one at that.
As for Ngozi Ezeonu’s children, she has four of them. Ngozi Ezeonu’s daughter is a real beauty like her mum.

See All You Need To Know About Ngozi Ezeonu’s Family, Meet Her Husband And Four Lovely Children [+Photos]

See All You Need To Know About Ngozi Ezeonu’s Family, Meet Her Husband And Four Lovely Children [+Photos]

Watch Ngozi Ezeonu with her sons: Hope you admired Ngozi Ezeonu’s husband and children.
There is no many photos where Ngozi Ezeonu is depicted with her family, she does not parade her family.

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Who Eats the Head of the Chicken in Your Family?

I remember those trips to the market.  Walking to the section where the chicken sellers converged.  But before we even got there, you could smell them.  And hear them too.  The chickens, I mean … not the sell–

Oh, never mind!

Finally, we would see them jammed together in cages.  They always looked like there were too many of them there in a cage.  But, we would pick the ones we wanted, and depending on the “plan” for that day, the person selling the chicken could slaughter them, remove the feathers and clean them for a fee.  Or we could take them home and you know … do the same thing. Except that we didn’t get paid.  Obviously.

Afterwards, we would season and cook the chicken.  More often than not, it would be made into some kind of stew.  And then, came the moment of truth:

Who ate what part?

For the children, we didn’t get to choose. We got all the weird parts like the chicken wings, etc.  One of my aunties loved eating the head and the hands (or are they legs?)

But, hands down, the person who usuallyate the chicken head was my father.  No controversy.  It just was.  Why? Because he was the head of the family.  End of story.

We did not have to make the same decision if we bought that imported chicken/turkey (the frozen one) because the head was always missing, along with other vital parts that Nigerians consider delicacies.  And I realized that the same thing happens here in the US too. 

You walk into a grocery store and more than likely, the chicken is already wrapped in clear plastic.  No head in sight.  In fact, some kids who grew up here apparently don’t even know what a real chicken looks like or where it comes from.

No, kids!  Chickens are not raised in Wal-Mart!

I guess, if you take that into consideration, then you can understand why seeing a whole tilapia fish would freak out some cashiers.  They’re so used to seeing just parts of the chicken AFTER processing (e.g. chicken breast and wings) and have no idea how a chicken goes from live animal to seasoned, cooked and nestling among vegetables on your plate.

Just as with other aspects of Nigerian culture (depending on what part of the country you’re from), eating certain parts of an animal depends on seniority, family taboos, etc.  It makes me wonder how much of these cultural beliefs and traditions are passed on to the next generation, and which ones are lost in translation, so to speak.  Kind of like that coconut water myth

I haven’t laid eyes on a chicken head in years, but believe me, I have no desire to eat it.  Drumsticks, thighs and breast meat are good enough, thank you!

Your turn: Who ate the chicken’s head in your family? Was there any particular method for deciding who ate what part? Please share.

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Nigerian Couple Welcome Twins After 11 Years Of Marriage And 22 Years Of Friendship. Photos

What an amazing year it has been for a Nigerian man, Jude Okoh and wife who welcomed a set of twins after 11 years of marriage and 22 of friendship. According to reports, the couple dated for 11 years before getting married and 11 years after, they just received their double blessings as they welcomed twin babies following series of pregnancy complications. Congratulations to them.

Let’s wish them Congratulations… Drop your comments below. 

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Swiss Lady Married To Nigerian Man Recounts On How She Thought She Would Never Have Children

A Swiss woman who is married to a Nigerian from Anambra state, has shared her touching story after she thought she wouldn’t have children because she was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome PCOS. According to woman who is now a mother of three including a set of twins, she shared her story in a bid to encourage other women who are waiting to get pregnant and tell them there is hope.

Read what she shared online;

There was a time in my life I thought I couldn’t have children. My doctor told me I suffered from PCOS – the most common endocrine disorder among women between the ages 18 and 44 – and that my chances of having children were close to zero.

When you are dreaming of starting your own family, the pain and heartache that go with such a diagnose are absolutely overwhelming. But as it turned out, God had a different plan for me. Today I am not only the proud mother of three children, but on top of that, I can proudly call myself mama ejima!

This is a very personal fact about me and I was really not sure if I should write about it at first. But knowing that there are other women like me, looking for a child at this very moment, or husbands waiting for their wife’s to get pregnant, I just felt it was right to share my story and tell you all that there is hope. I am a living proof.

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Intending Bride Shares Pre-wedding Photos, Reveals It Wasn’t Love At First Sight.

A beautiful Nigerian lady who is set to tie the knot to her fiance traditionally on the 2nd of January 2018, has revealed that it wasn’t love at first sight.

 According to the Imo State University Owerri (IMSU) graduate, Chioma Cynthia Daisy, their falling in love was indeed a gradual process.

The excited soon-to-be bride took to her Facebook account to share her lovely pre-wedding photos.

©African entertainment 

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The Name-Changing Dilemma: Does Changing Your Last Name Impact Your Personal Brand?

To change or not to change your last name is the first big question a new bride faces after walking down the aisle. Your name is the “brand” you have been associated with since birth! It represents you, it’s your family name, and it’s how you are known publicly. If a long lost friend were trying to find you online they would use your name to search for you. If you’ve worked in your career for many years it’s how you are known. If you’ve created a “name” or “following” for yourself as an author, journalist, artist or musician it’s your calling card.

Your name may or may not have “brand equity” in the world – that’s a fancy term us branders use to describe the power of an existing brand’s reputation and name recognition that it has earned over time. The more positive the brand is viewed and the more goodwill associated with it the more that brand is recognized, purchased and, as a result, profitable. But then again – some might want to disassociate with a family name that has a tarnished reputation – think Maddof, Dahmer or Hitler.

In a world where Google has become a verb and the divorce rate is climbing over 50% changing your name when getting married is a thought- provoking move. Here are the tales of 4 women who took 4 different approaches to the last-name question:Meet Kirsten Vernon (formerly Dixson).

She married her love in 1994. She started building her career, visibility and online credibility in 1998. Having worked in the field of personal branding since the early days Kirsten made all the right moves – securing her vanity URL, her social media accounts, Skype, email address, etc. In 2007 Kirsten’s book, Career Distinction: Stand out by Building Your Brand, hit the stands. The book became so popular that Kirsten and her co-author William Arruda, were interviewed by several major media outlets, which resulted in lots of Google results for Kirsten relevant to her profession.

Fast-forward to 2012 – Kirsten and her husband decide to divorce. Her inner personal brand strategist took over and she devised a plan for her “rebrand” that worked. Luckily, she was able to secure her maiden name as a domain name (kirstenvernon.com) and forward it to her former vanity site. She was also able to register her name as a customized URL on LinkedIn.

Facebook was simple because you could associate other names with your current account name. Unfortunately, her personal email account, Twitter, and Skype handles were not available. But, Kirsten said, “because I operate my business under the Branded Bio brand, I resorted to using it for Twitter and Skype.”She also made sure that she could still be Googled as Kirsten Dixson and be found as Kirsten Vernon by putting “Kirsten Vernon (formerly Dixson)” throughout a lot of her existing web copy.

Amy Elizabeth Conley is the mother of twins and the wife of Bill. She always disliked her short, maiden name of “Dow” so when she became a Mrs. she said, “I didn’t even think twice about changing my name.” Amy had already been at her job for nearly 6 years when she married. She planned to stay indefinitely at her job because it enabled her to live the live she envisioned as a working mom. Amy said, “I didn’t think about the long-term implications of changing my last name.”

And, the best thing is that she wouldn’t do anything different if she had to do it all over again. Former State Farm public affairs representative Jennifer Johnsen-Nazareth thought long and hard about how to meld her single life persona with her married one into a cohesive personal brand.After walking down the aisle it was important to Jennifer to honor her husband Mario. In Jen’s words she hyphenated her last name “to maintain my roots and honor my parents…they built themselves from nothing and helped me reach my dreams. My maiden name was my brand not only to the external world but a reminder to myself of my core values.

I also value who my husband is and the unique character of us as a couple. Hyphenating was to honor both my parents union and mine with my husband.”Today Jennifer runs her own State Farm agency and she thinks her unique name helps her be more memorable and recognizable. From public persona to parent Author, journalist, freelance writer, mother of 2 and wife of Emilio Baltodano, Eleni N. Gage has lots of Google results under her name as a result of her very public profession. She’s written for publications ranging from Elle, Instyle, the New York Times to People. Her third book, “The Ladies of Managua,” hit Amazon and Barnes and Noble about 9 months ago.

When I caught up with Eleni to ask her about her name choice she said, “I didn’t change my name legally or professionally and I only use Gage de Baltodano socially and on my personal Facebook page. I was worried it might cause some confusion once we had kids (whose last names are Baltodano Gage) but it hasn’t yet. I thought I might need to in order to travel alone with the kids but even that has no been a problem.”Factors To Consider I’ve narrowed it down to 6 factors to consider when you’re contemplating changing your last name:1. Age at time of marriage – The younger you are the less attached you might feel to your last name. In my opinion the older you are when you marry the more connected or attached you are to the last name you’ve carried for so long. 2. Likability of new last name – Some people simply dislike the name of their new husband, or feel as if this new last name doesn’t sound good with their first name.

Others feel directly the opposite and love their potentially new last name so they are eager to change from their maiden one.3. Likability of current last name – If you love your maiden name and think it’s going to be impossible to make it any more memorable or distinct then you may want to simply hang on to it. (That’s the route I took) ; )4. Current reputation – You may be itching to change your name because you had a bad rap for some reason or another. Or, maybe you’re just ready for a “rebrand” and want to live the next several decades starting with a clean slate and new name. 5. Cultural perception – In some countries and cultures it’s illegal for women to change their last name and they simply have no option. The country of Greece does not require that women change their last name when they marry.

In many South American countries it’s customary for the children of a couple to take on both parental last names. In other cultures it’s highly frowned upon for women not to change their name and adopt their husband’s.6. Google search – How much relevant content do you have under a vanity Google search? The longer you’ve worked in your professional career path the more likely you are to have search results pop up under Google when your name is entered.If you’re convinced you want to change your name check out this article in Harvard Business Review, entitled “How to Change Your Name and Keep Your Professional Identity.”

Changing your name is a personal decision and there are many factors to consider. The great thing is that your legal name and the name you use in social settings does not have to match so maybe you want to ease into things and make sure your that your love match is indeed a lasting one.Random Tip: If you change your name and your passport is under a year old you can change it for free. You’ll want to use form DS-82.

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Conjoined Nigerian Twins Undergo Successful Surgery Involving 22 Doctors. Photos

Remember Mr Obinna Ugwuoke from Ebonyi state, who temporarily went insane after discovering that his wife gave birth to conjoined babies fused at the stomach at First Covenant Hospital in Satellite Town, Lagos on the 8th of May 2017, the conjoined twins have undergone a successful surgery in India involving 22 specialists, according to reports.

The happily married couple with two children – were shocked on seeing their new babies, James and John after the delivery.

The Nigerian parents traveled to a specialist hospital in Bangalore for the marathon operation that involved 22 specialists.

Medics now claim the twins are ready to live ‘independent lives’ – despite spending the first six months of life attached to each other.

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This Is How To Win Your Husband’s Heart

Many women today endure marriage rather than enjoy it. The man that was once head-over- heels in love with them, later begins to feel like a total stranger to them. As far as many of these women are concerned, their man is the problem. He is the one that must change and in search for the solutions to their marital problems, they move from one prayer house to another, praying all manners of prayers and taking all manners of counsel from both qualified and unqualified quarters, sadly, often times to no avail.

The truth is, over the years, I have come to discover that nobody has the power to change any other person other than themselves. The only way to change others is to change ourselves. For most of these women, the key to changing their husbands is changing themselves. It has been said that one of the definitions of madness is to keep doing things the same way but yet expect different results. To get a better result other than you have been getting in your marriage, you must learn to do things differently.

Your s*x Life

Many women need to know how important s*x is to a man and to the survival of their marriage. Many have lost their husbands because they are not up and doing in bed. They are always developing headaches and giving one excuse or the other every time their man turns to them for s*x. And many of those husbands have innocently fallen into the hands of hungry women who are ready to give them more than they desire, that which their legal wives are always denying them. Is that the situation with you? If yes, then you will have to change. The way God made a man, s*x is the most important thing to him in marriage. In fact, the first reason why he married you is so that he can have it when he wants it, and no matter what you do for him and on his behalf, if he cannot have it when he desires it, he sees you as not fulfilling your marital obligation to him.

The urge for s*xual satisfaction comes before every and anything else in a man’s life. This is unlike a woman, who has s*x as the last thing on her mind. He does not just see s*x as pleasure, he sees it as something he cannot do without; something that is paramount to his survival in life. That is why he cannot but turn to another woman when the one that should help him in fulfilling this urge is not forth coming. As a wife you must know that the health of your s*x life is directly proportionate to the health of your marriage. The way to a man’s heart they say is his stomach, but I have discovered that this is not the absolute truth. To me, the way to a man’s heart is under your skirt. That sounds dirty but it’s the truth. When a man has a wife who is ‘alive sexually’ to him, he will do everything and anything for her. There are homes that are surviving in spite of the fact that the woman of the house is not a good cook.

All they have to do is to make sure a good cook is employed and a wise woman in such situation makes sure she employs a man and not a woman as her cook so as to make sure she does not create a crack in her marriage. But the role of s*xual fulfillment is such that a woman cannot employ another to fulfill. That is why every woman must make it her priority if she wants to keep her man. And the truth is, no matter what your opinion is concerning your husband, there are a thousand and one women out there who will be so glad to help you in fulfilling this role. So, my advice is, don’t be slack.

More info from Official Adekaz.


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