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SUGABELLY STORY: top 5 lessons we should learn(Must Read) 

Sugabelly’s story of Rape. Everyone in Nigeria, especially those people, who love Twitter, are aware of an unpleasant episode in the life of Mustapha Audu, son of former governor of Kogi State. This story was first revealed in 2015, and still, none of us can’t tell how exactly things went wrong for 17-years old alleged victim.

Sugabelly story victim

Story of Sugabelly

In 2015, a popular Nigerian blogger, Sugabelly revealed in the article named “Surviving Mustapha Audu, and his Rape Brigade”. She described a poor Nigerian girl (her name wasn’t revealed at first) survived multiple rape from Mustapha Audu and his closest friends.

In the Sugabelly story, lots of dirty stuff happened, including Mustapha gifting his girl as a birthday present, group rape acts etc. Mustapha himself thinks, that every point in this story is a fake, and in whole, it is just a bad attempt to make easy money. So where is the truth?

Mustapha Audu and his friend

Mustapha Audu with his friend

The main clue, which is used for the verse of governor’s son is the fact, that this story wasn’t unveiled since 2006 when Lotanna (real name of the victim) started dating him. The girl said, that she was afraid of the consequences, but Mustapha thinks, that this whole story is charged only because he didn’t married Lotanna.

Young Lotanna

And still, we can’t say exactly what really has happened between these persons. Maybe, the truth lies somewhere on the half, or, maybe, one of them is a clear criminal. Because false accusation is a crime also. But, we can try to carry some useful lessons from this story, so such a story will most likely not repeat itself among younger generation.

Mustapha Audu nowadays

Mustapha Audu

5 lessons we should learn from Sugabelly’s story

Lesson #1: Bad boys style is not a good tendency. Look, in Nigeria, women always have to be good mothers, faithful wives, and tireless domestic servants. How do we see men in Nigeria? They are drinking, showing their bad behavior in public, and the only reaction for such things would be “Ah, they are boys, so what can we do with it?”.

Lagos hood boys

The only case, where it could work, if we would try to raise tons of future pirates, goons, and other criminals. To be a man doesn’t mean to be a pig. It’s all about responsibility, proper attitude to the parents, and to your mother in the first place. Men are stronger and have more will, so why do we have to spend all these priorities for abusing someone, who is weaker? And everything begins in early ages for males. You would never rape someone if you have a kind and respectful relations with your mother. Actually, both parents should teach their sons respectful and protective attitude to those who are weaker.

Nigerian gang

Lesson #2: Remember: a woman is the guardian of life. Therefore, it is necessary to instill in your daughter basic safety rules. The girl should be sensible. Teach your daughter to understand people and situations right. You should not intimidate her, only warn against excessive credulity. Bring her the thought that wise people learn not on their own, but on other people’s mistakes. Talk with your daughter, tell her about dangerous life events of your friends, discuss what was written in the press or known from television. The education of a girl must teach her to avoid what might threaten life, reputation, and health.

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Nigerian teen

A girl from an early age should learn to understand who she is dealing with, what to expect from this person, whether it is possible to trust him, whether he is good or bad. It is important that she can assess the emerging situation, and draw the right conclusions. This is especially useful to her when you are not around, and the girl will be able to decide for herself how to act.

Lesson #3: Police in Nigeria doesn’t know how to prevent and investigate rape acts. There is no real procedure to identify and preventing cases of rape acts. Again, don’t get us wrong, this is not about the police being unprofessional. It is about lack of legal materials and mechanisms, that should be provided by the government.

Nigerian police

Lesson #4: Parent lesson. Every reader can understand what is going to say further, proceeding from the name of this lesson. Parents, if you wouldn’t educate your little princesses, if you wouldn’t love them, take care of them, then (at least) you will grow another unhappy and cruel woman.

Nigerian child

Now, fathers, the main thing, that you have to do for your daughter through her childhood is to give her the feeling of safety. You have to be the guarantor of safety, in fact. Of course, this is not the only thing, but maybe the main, that you could do for your little girl. Because in another way, she could try to find this feeling in the arms of someone who can draw her down into something even worse, than Sugabelly’s story.

Nigerian girl

Lesson #5: Nigerian society has to stop pursuing rape victims. We mentioned earlier, how its difficult to say to someone, that you were raped. Even, if you want to say something like that to your parents or other people you love, it would be difficult too. Because our society prefers to laugh at such people, ignore them, treat them like a dirt.

Nigerian woman

Let’s not wait for someone implementing right procedures to catch the rapist. Instead of these, let’s try not to make fun of rape survivors, but figure out how to help them. Let’s be the ones, who you can come to and ask for support. Because it is not so hard, to sympathize with people.

Sugabelly’s story could be fake or real. In any case, we should think about, how to build up the society, in which such story would be just an unpleasant myth or a relic of the past.

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Nigerian man allegedly dating two colleagues at the same time gets busted

A Twitter user has shared a story of how a young man engaged two of her colleagues with her same ring.

@Jenniieey on Twitter claimed that the said man has been dating both her colleagues for a while and regularly brings lunch for both of them.

Chaos happened when the second lady announced her engagement only for the first to see that it was the same ring her suppose fiance used to to engage her before they broke the engagement was the same one she is wearing.

This led into a fight in the office that earned both party a suspension. She shared the story in a couple of tweets. Read her story below;

Nigerian man allegedly dating two colleagues at the same time gets busted

“There was drama in my office dis afternoon..Serious drama dat someone’s wig was flying in d air. dey both on suspension now tho. This is how it all startd. A colleague in my dept was datin dis guy for 2yrs &dey got engagd last year May bt broke it off October

But uncle still continued the relationship ooo saying he needed more time to b ready for marriage and all,, they were knacking steady.. every time uncle Wil b coming to her office to bring lunch but for two people instead, she and another colleague in Admin

“If babe ask, uncle Wil say ah ha, r u girls not friends again.. there’s nothing wrong if I bring lunch for u and Ur Friend na..so the bringer of lunch continued ooo unknown to us.. uncle was not just bringing lunch to the office ooo. He was also serving aunty admin dinner in bed in her room.. he has been knacking aunty admin since February last year even before he got engaged.. everytime he says he’s traveling, he was actually traveling to aunty admins house.

“So after he called off the engagement in October, his babe cried and guess what.. aunty admin was there for her all through. Telling her to forget the guy and that she sud b grateful that he should his true character before she said “I Do” to him

“So fast forward to today na, the babe in my department heard her friend (aunty admin) got engaged last night, she rushed to admin department to see ring and congratulate her.. next thing she was shocked to see the ring looked similar to wat uncle have her She kept looking at the ring but she was sure it was the same ring.. so babe decided to steal aunty admin phone to verify since she knows the password..besides everyone was just congratulating her and no one was paying attention to babe in my dept

“Long story short ooo.. that was how the babe in my department saw engagement photos they took and it was with her man.. she just threw the phone on the floor and dived aunty admin ..na there wrestling start ooo..wig flying in d air, slaps , bite.. evrytin

They beat themselves till HR came and asked both of them to leave the building ooo.. then sent them suspension letter.. I actually rushed to admin to see for my self.. it was really sad.. now the whole Office knows everything.. Chai.. I’m sure d guy knows too”

Nigerian man allegedly dating two colleagues at the same time gets busted
Screenshot of tweets from @jenniieey’s Twitter page

Nigerian man allegedly dating two colleagues at the same time gets busted
Screenshot of tweets from @jenniieey’s Twitter page

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Agbada Outfits for Women – 20 Ways to Wear Agbada in Style

Agbada Outfits for Women-Historically Agbada was a large gown worn by African men on special occasions or too formal places. But today this traditional Nigerian style has been adopted by Agbada obsessed women.

Traditional Agbada Style

The traditional Agbada style looks really chic with plates or frills at the shoulder and embroidered center or neckline. You can wear it with the traditional trousers style if you want to have the usual look. Your accessories matter a lot when you are going for the inherited cuts as they’ll enhance your overall image. Also, you can add head gears in order to keep up with the culture. This style usually works in formal cultural events or occasions themed according to this style.

Traditional-Agbada-Style Agbada Outfits for Women - 20 Ways to Wear Agbada in Style

↓19- Elegant Agbada Gowns

Gowns are the most versatile forms of dressing that can be stylized by adding different fabrics and cuts to them. Agbada gowns are usually the same extensive at the shoulders with the traditional monotone shades. These can be long or knee length gowns but are not fitted along the length. Rather these are usually following the airline cut at the bottom. These can be made in silk and luxurious material to add a formal touch for events like weddings and formal parties.

Elegant-Agbada-Gowns Agbada Outfits for Women - 20 Ways to Wear Agbada in Style

↓18- Sokoto with Agbada Dresses

Sokotos are the traditional African trousers which are close-fitting at the bottom and worn by African women along with Agbada tops. Printed Sokotos with simple Agbada tops look extremely classy and trendy at the same time. These ankle trousers look amazing in contrasting shades and also give a bit of the western look.

Sokoto-with-Agbada-Dresses Agbada Outfits for Women - 20 Ways to Wear Agbada in Style

↓17- Western Agbada Styles

Women can add a western style to the traditional Agbada style by trying out different cuts and necklines. Simple Agbada tops with shorts or jeans will look extremely chic if worn with heels. Also, one can blend the sleeves and embroidery style with a western neckline in order to add up to the entire look.

Western-Agbada-Styles Agbada Outfits for Women - 20 Ways to Wear Agbada in Style

↓16- Attractive Agbada Dresses for Weddings

Agbadas can be worn on wedding occasions with the same grace as any other typical wedding outfit. These can be made into luxurious materials like silks and chiffon and can be embellished with modern embroidery techniques and pearls while keeping the top and Sokoto style same. Adding glamorous Louboutins to it will spice up the entire outfit.

Attractive-Agbada-Dresses-for-Weddings Agbada Outfits for Women - 20 Ways to Wear Agbada in Style

↓15- Formal Agbada Costumes

Formal Agbadas with frilly shoulders and uni shades look just amazing with funky heels. Ankara accessories look just amazing with formal Agbadas. Moreover, embroidery in contrast or same shades and formal pants also look so chic if worn at formal events or occasions.

Formal-Agbada-Costumes Agbada Outfits for Women - 20 Ways to Wear Agbada in Style

↓14- Agbada Dresses with Tights

Tights are loved by young girls and they can totally slay Agbadas with tights in black or white. They can also add filas to their outfits to have a more funky look. The embroidered center looks extremely attractive when worn with tights.

Agbada-Dresses-with-Tights Agbada Outfits for Women - 20 Ways to Wear Agbada in Style

↓13- Summer Agbada Outfits

You can totally rock an Agbada outfit in summers along with a hat or cap. Sleeveless Agbadas in pastel shades looks just amazing in summers. You can wear them with stilettos to have a more stylish overall attire. Also, it makes you look smart and stylish if you have a curvy structure.

Summer-Agbada-Outfits Agbada Outfits for Women - 20 Ways to Wear Agbada in Style

↓12- Agbadas for Teenagers

Teenagers can slay Agbadas with ripped jeans or leggings. They can wear these fabulous garment pieces with sneakers and braids. It looks both traditional and unique.

Agbadas-for-Teenagers Agbada Outfits for Women - 20 Ways to Wear Agbada in Style

↓11- Monochrome Agbada Style

Monochrome Agbadas have been quite trendy nowadays as black looks perfect when blended with white or other pastel shades. Pastel colors could be introduced into the center embroidery or neckline. The overall attire looks very up to date.

Monochrome-Agbada-Style Agbada Outfits for Women - 20 Ways to Wear Agbada in Style

↓10- Embroidered Agbada Outfits

Embroidered Agbadas are the hype of the season. Bright shades could be used in contrast to pastel or pastels can be used in contrast to any bright shade if you want to create a catchy look. Also, you can add a bracelet to these garment pieces since they usually have half sleeves. If you’re still considering what to wear,

Embroidered-Agbada-Outfits Agbada Outfits for Women - 20 Ways to Wear Agbada in Style

↓9- Agbada Street Style

Agbada street style is quite unique. Using black and white, you can create impressive Agbada garments which can be worn with jeans or pants. The upper gown looks very chic and unique. These can be worn with snickers or joggers that will complete the entire street style. Also, different African braid styles go very well with Agbada street style.

Agbada-Street-Style Agbada Outfits for Women - 20 Ways to Wear Agbada in Style

↓8- Agbada Dresses for Working Women

Working women can totally slay simple and unique Agbadas in monotone shades and with minimal embroidery at their workplaces. Since the trousers look pretty formal so they go very well at the formal meetings and tours.

Agbada-Dresses-for-Working-Women Agbada Outfits for Women - 20 Ways to Wear Agbada in Style

↓7- Striking Agbadas for Parties

Agbada in bright shades is perfect for parties and other events. The purple and mustard Agbada outfit looks very classy along with the wavy hairstyle. The colors are both festive and charming.

Striking-Agbadas-for-Parties Agbada Outfits for Women - 20 Ways to Wear Agbada in Style

↓6- Agbadas Costumes with a Gele

Geles are quite essential when it comes to Nigerian or particularly African traditional look. Agbadas can be paired with pretty and elegant printed geles to create an enchanting look.

Agbadas-Costumes-with-a-Gele Agbada Outfits for Women - 20 Ways to Wear Agbada in Style

↓5- Agbadas Short Dress Style

Short dresses are loved by young women around the world since they accentuate their physique quite well and look extremely charming. Agbada can also be worn as short dresses to clubs and concerts. Also, these look perfect along the beach shore.

Agbadas-Short-Dress-Style Agbada Outfits for Women - 20 Ways to Wear Agbada in Style

↓4- Pure White Agbada Dresses

Pure white dresses look perfect on formal or wedding events. Many celebs have been seen wearing pure white Agbada dresses to interviews. Occasionally these dresses look amazing with fancy heels and unique necklines. Also, the upper gown style is just perfect for a classy and royal look.

Pure-White-Agbada-Dresses Agbada Outfits for Women - 20 Ways to Wear Agbada in Style

↓3- Agbada Top Styles

Agbada tops can be paired with black pants and strappy sandals in summers to create an impressive style statement.

Agbada-Top-Styles Agbada Outfits for Women - 20 Ways to Wear Agbada in Style

↓2- Shoes and Bags with Agbada Dresses

Medium sized embroidered clutches and formal heels look perfect with these amazing garment pieces. Sokoto looks perfect with stilettos and Louboutins.

Shoes-and-Bags-with-Agbada-Dresses Agbada Outfits for Women - 20 Ways to Wear Agbada in Style

↓1- Makeup Styles to Follow with Agbadas

The nude makeup look along with red or maroon lipstick is just perfect when you’re going for black or white Agbada outfits. Also, the winged eyeliner with shimmery looks pretty fine.

Makeup-Styles-to-Follow-with-Agbadas Agbada Outfits for Women - 20 Ways to Wear Agbada in Style

I hope this article helped you in gathering latest ideas regarding the Agbada fashion. Share your own ideas through the comments section.

Kindly drop your comments below… 

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Yomi Casual Comes Out With Some Mad Men Fashion Styles Again [ Must See]

Very often among fashion lovers you will hear people say that how a person dresses says a lot about who he/she is.

The right outfit will make you look brighter and even make you feel happier. People will notice you much more especially if you are seen wearing one of Yomi casual latest designs. 

So check out these last fashion creations for men and women by the famous fashion designer, Yomi Casual!

Yomi Casual Comes Out With Some Mad Men Fashion Styles Again
Yomi Casual Fashion Styles

Nigerian native attire – where does Yomi Casual get inspiration?

Despite the challenges we face, Nigerians always want to look good. They want to be admired.

In recent years fashion photographers all around the world have an increased interest in street fashion in developing countries. You can often see a lot of fashion photos from the streets of Nigeria.

Traditional clothes

When it comes to the true traditional outfits in Nigeria, men wear a wide spacious cape (cape) over a t-shirt. While women wear blouses (Buba) and wrapper or skirt. They also wear a headdress which is called the “gele”.

Nigerian gele – a headgear which is simply a piece of cloth wrapped around a head is one of the most colorful elements of women’s clothing.

A woman would often wear gele as a way to beautifully complement her outfit when attending an occasion. The style of tying it on the head can get so intricate that it might even need another person’s help.

European clothing is also popular, especially in the cities.

Nigerian native attire styles

Attend a typical Nigerian wedding and you will get to witness some impressive styles. Whether it is a religious party, an official reception or simply a birthday, Nigerians would always look great and festive.

Yomi Casual designs

The world of fashion improves every day. We can all watch as famous designers create something unique and stylish. Yomi Casual is one of them. He creates the most beautiful and charming attires for Nigerians.

People all over the world applaud him for his creativity.

Yomi Casual is a Nigerian fashion designer, who mostly makes clothes for men. But he also creates absolutely beautiful clothes for women. A few of them can be seen here.

Yomi Casual latest designs

The new collection of the fashion brand Yomi Casual is quite impressive. Just look at some of them and you will be awed.

Men’s fashion trend is represented by its unisex collection of shirt dresses and shirts.

The designer was very imaginative during the creation of his collection. He wanted to create the most elite designs for his clients. Yomi Casual experimented with fabrics of different colors – from warm to cold. He used velvet and linen fabrics.

We can definitely say it is a fantastic job.

The unisex collection composes of 16 pieces of clothing. There are bishops and classic collared shirts.

The collection also composes:

– patterned;

– plain;

– striped shirts;

– buttoned down shirts.

Yomi also created a big variety of shirt dresses for Nigerian women.

The creative head of the brand, Yomi Makun, said this is aimed at changing their style. Before this collection, they created clothes only for men. He explained that their brand wanted to create beauties from traditional attire. That’s why Yomi Casual decided to create special and unique clothes.

People can combine these shirts with formal pants, ripped jeans and other accessories.

The collection also consists of shorts, sportswear, and heels. That is because Yomi doesn’t want his customers to wear shirts with boring articles of clothing.

Yomi Casual designs for ladies

Here you can see different types of shirt dresses for the ladies. They look stunning in such outfitss. It is both common and stylish.

Thanks to the Yomi Casual new unisex collection, ladies and gentlemen get to look perfect. They radiate self-confidence! Everyone should try this new style and they will look fantastic.


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Women Throw Man In A Dustbin After Rejecting His Advances. Photos

A man was disgraced by two women after he tried to make a move on them. The hilarious scene was caught on camera by a witness in a nearby car and shows the women throwing the man in a dustbin.  

After stuffing him inside the green refuse carrier, the poor man’s legs can be seen dangling out the top.

It is thought the man had approached the two women outside a supermarket in the city of Pretoria, one of South Africa’s three capital cities.

He reportedly made indecent suggestions before trying to touch them – much to the women’s disgust.

Realising the duo were prepared to stand up for themselves he tried to run off.

And while one of them chased after the failing Romeo the other stood guard with their bags before grabbing a nearby wheelie bin.

When the woman caught up, she grabbed hold of the man and hauled him back to where her friend was waiting.

The unnamed women told onlookers they had wanted to teach him a lesson so he would not behave that way towards women in the future.

The man, who is also unknown, eventually managed to scramble free and sheepishly walked off.

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Ladies Why Date Married Men?

Just the other day I told a friend of mine that I was broke, and the next thing she said was, ”Don’t you have a boyfriend?” Hmm, biko when did my boyfriend turn to an ATM? (Well, topic for another day). I told her he has his own challenges, and I wouldn’t want to bother him with mine. Guess what she said next? She said, ”this is exactly why I don’t like dating single guys, married men are the bomb..” Now this brings us to today’s discussion, why date a married man?

Yes I know married men do handle things more maturely than single guys, what a single guy will see in a lady and yell, a married man will mostly overlook it and move on. I know they spend more money on ladies. I also know married men don’t have time to monitor your activities, as they have work, family and other things to take care of. They rarely get jealous or possessive unnecessarily. Do you know why? It’s because they know the relationship is symbiosis and doesn’t lead to anywhere.. So why date them?

Why be an option when you can be a priority? This man has wife, children, he has commitments! Don’t be the reason why he neglects school fees, house rent, food stuffs and other bills, don’t be the reason he goes home late to his family, don’t be the reason why his marriage crashed! Don’t be the reason why a child, will have a broken home! Let me even ask you this, how do you feel.? when his wife calls and he says, ”shhhh”.., like you should keep quiet, while he takes the call.. Lolz seriously? Why date someone you cant see or call when you want to. One gave me his card the other day and said ”you can call me from 8am to 6pm”, I smiled, immediately he left, i thrashed the card.

Refuse to be treated like a piece of meat, refuse to be a sex object, a mistress, a plaything. Go out there and get an amazing man of your own, Leave another woman’s husband alone! Remember karma is real! If you don’t stop now, tomorrow when Karma starts tormenting you, don’t come and be blaming the innocent witches and wizard in your village. I’m not saying you cant make friends with them, you can, but say NO NO NO to sex! His wedding ring already says ” I’m out of bound”, so honour that limit and search else where.

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Romantic Gestures That Make You Look Like Wifey Material

Ladies, we have got the hottest gist on the little romantic gestures that will make your boo look at you and think ‘That’s wifey right there. I need to take her home to Mama’.

Most ladies like to be wined and dined and it is a legitimate need. After all, we are supposed to be the more delicate sex. However, when you keep waiting for him to treat you like a queen and you don’t reciprocate, he starts to see you as a freeloader. Trust us, no man wants a free loaded for a girlfriend much less a wife.

Here are a few romantic moves that you can make that’ll take you from ‘le boo’ to ‘wifey’.


Leave goofy notes around.

Guys like a girl who can laugh at herself and make him laugh also. He knows that he would always need to stand at attention with you; he can relax and be himself.


Compliment him

It let’s him know that you think abut him enough to appreciate him and make him feel good about himself.


Play with his hair or his beard

Not only does this relax him, it’s the perfect position for deep, intimate conversations.


Help out…

With the little things like setting his bath water, hanging out his clothes, packing his lunch or even making him a meal. We know that most women would advice against it but how will he know what you’re capable of if you don’t show him.


Cute Adorable Gifts

Not shirts or perfumes or even shoes. A handmade item that shows him that you put a little thought and effort into getting the gift.

Ensuring that he looks good at all times.

Trimming his nails when he can’t go get  manicure and pedicure done.


Going the extra mile for someone you care about is all well and good. Especially when you have a point to prove. Ever tried any of these? Let us know in the comments section.

Proudly brought to you by African Entertainment 👒

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A Must Read: Types Of Guys You Should Avoid Dating By Age 30

At age 30, these are the kind of partners you can no longer afford to be with:

1. The partner who isn’t invested or concerned about your life, career and things you hold dear.

2. The partner who never has any positive thing to say about anything; whose outlook on life is of serious pessimism.

3. The partner who always says the most stupid and hurtful things about your weight

4. The one you just couldn’t ever trust, no matter how hard you tried.

5. That parasitic partner who always has something to ask but never to give or share with you.

6. The one who somehow looks for a way to always you feel bad/stupid about your choices.

7. That one who tries to totally alienate you from friends and family so as to have you for just themselves.

8. The lover who is always trying to change you.

9. The one who still hasn’t learnt to manage funds wisely without assistance.

10. At 30, you should not be considering a relationship with a guy/babe who is still mummy or daddy’s boy/girl.

11. The partner who is never ever there for you.

12. The one who hasn’t gotten a proper handle of his temperament.

13. Stay away from that ex who has repeatedly treated you like shit over the years but you still find yourself unable to hate.

14. The friends-with-benefits man/woman you always run to when you and your partner have issues. It’s time to let go of them for good.

15. At 30, stability and commitment should be top of your priorities in your love life.

Info from Official Adekaz 📧


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6 Surefire Ways to Deal With a Jealous Friend or Partner

Typically jealousy can be quite flattering especially when it’s from a partner, but the reality is that, after a while, dealing with a jealous person can get quite difficult and frustrating. Learning ways to deal with a jealous person can help you to eventually establish a healthy relationship with the person. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares 6 ways to deal with a jealous person.

  • Try To Understand the Reason for Their Jealousy

This largely involves trying to understand the specific triggers, reasons or roots for feelings of jealousy in the person that will help you effectively deal with the situation. Basically what you should eventually understand is that the jealousy of a friend or partner isn’t particularly motivated by who you are but by something you possess that they either wish was theirs or they could keep all to themselves (i.e. unwilling to share with any other).

  • Try To Avoid Pampering Them

You should be understanding to the person quite alright, but try to avoid responding to and validating the feelings of jealousy your friend or partner has. This doesn’t mean you should ignore the person or ignore the fact that they are jealous, but more like you should not let the fact that they are jealous dictate and control your actions and reactions towards them.

  • Avoid Their Jealousy Triggers

In trying to understand the reason for their jealousy, once you have been able to identify certain things you do or certain situations that trigger or incite feelings of jealousy in a friend or partner, as much as you can, try to avoid doing those things amidst them or being in those kinds of situations with them.

  • Talk to the Person

Talk to the person and be open about your feelings (however, be careful with your words and don’t be insulting or caustic with your words in the name of being truthful). Communicate to the person about certain behaviours they exhibit when jealous that bothers you, how you feel about them, how they affect you as an individual and how they affect your relationship with the person. Sometimes a jealous person is unaware of their irrational behaviours, so you have to gently and patiently communicate this.

  • Distinguish Between Relationship Abuse and Jealousy

There is quite a thin line between these two so you have to be careful and meticulous with this one. Be vigilant and sure that the jealousy of this person has not escalated to some kind of emotional abuse to you. Once physical abuse has begun that’s all the sign you need and will ever need to leave immediately.

  • Try to Address the Person’s Insecurities and Trust Issues

The only thing that can truly help a jealous person get better is when he/she is able to effectively deal with their insecurities or trust issues. This is because insecurities and trust issues are the underlying causes of feelings of jealousy. For trust issues, the both of you can try to take active roles in building trust in the relationship by simply deciding to trust one another no matter what. Insecurities require a bit more effort but once the triggers of the insecurities are identified, it’s possible to effectively deal with and overcome the insecurities.

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This Is How To Win Your Husband’s Heart

Many women today endure marriage rather than enjoy it. The man that was once head-over- heels in love with them, later begins to feel like a total stranger to them. As far as many of these women are concerned, their man is the problem. He is the one that must change and in search for the solutions to their marital problems, they move from one prayer house to another, praying all manners of prayers and taking all manners of counsel from both qualified and unqualified quarters, sadly, often times to no avail.

The truth is, over the years, I have come to discover that nobody has the power to change any other person other than themselves. The only way to change others is to change ourselves. For most of these women, the key to changing their husbands is changing themselves. It has been said that one of the definitions of madness is to keep doing things the same way but yet expect different results. To get a better result other than you have been getting in your marriage, you must learn to do things differently.

Your s*x Life

Many women need to know how important s*x is to a man and to the survival of their marriage. Many have lost their husbands because they are not up and doing in bed. They are always developing headaches and giving one excuse or the other every time their man turns to them for s*x. And many of those husbands have innocently fallen into the hands of hungry women who are ready to give them more than they desire, that which their legal wives are always denying them. Is that the situation with you? If yes, then you will have to change. The way God made a man, s*x is the most important thing to him in marriage. In fact, the first reason why he married you is so that he can have it when he wants it, and no matter what you do for him and on his behalf, if he cannot have it when he desires it, he sees you as not fulfilling your marital obligation to him.

The urge for s*xual satisfaction comes before every and anything else in a man’s life. This is unlike a woman, who has s*x as the last thing on her mind. He does not just see s*x as pleasure, he sees it as something he cannot do without; something that is paramount to his survival in life. That is why he cannot but turn to another woman when the one that should help him in fulfilling this urge is not forth coming. As a wife you must know that the health of your s*x life is directly proportionate to the health of your marriage. The way to a man’s heart they say is his stomach, but I have discovered that this is not the absolute truth. To me, the way to a man’s heart is under your skirt. That sounds dirty but it’s the truth. When a man has a wife who is ‘alive sexually’ to him, he will do everything and anything for her. There are homes that are surviving in spite of the fact that the woman of the house is not a good cook.

All they have to do is to make sure a good cook is employed and a wise woman in such situation makes sure she employs a man and not a woman as her cook so as to make sure she does not create a crack in her marriage. But the role of s*xual fulfillment is such that a woman cannot employ another to fulfill. That is why every woman must make it her priority if she wants to keep her man. And the truth is, no matter what your opinion is concerning your husband, there are a thousand and one women out there who will be so glad to help you in fulfilling this role. So, my advice is, don’t be slack.

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